Contract manufacturing of ampoules for face

Contract manufacturing of ampoules for face

Ampoules for face in cosmetics

Ampoules for face are a type of professional face skin care products characterized by an increased concentration of active ingredients. Contract manufacturing of ampoules for face allows the buyer to get a truly working product. Single-use packaging eliminates the use of preservatives to make the product even more useful and harmless. However, it is recommended to check the ampoules before use for intolerance to some components.

Types of cosmetics in ampoules

Ampoules contain not only the usual serums and essences. The contract manufacturing of cosmetics recommends the use of face masks in ampoules, as well as health lotions. The product compositions can be completely different:

  • acids in ampoules for face are very popular. They all perform different functions. Ascorbic acid in ampoules for face (vitamin C in ampoules for face) whitens the skin and saturates it with vitamins. It gently exfoliates and rejuvenates. Nicotinic acid for face in ampoules actively nourishes the skin and improves its condition. A hyaluronic face ampoule is the fastest way to moisturize your skin;
  • moisturizing ampoules. They contain not only hyaluronic acid. Aloe in ampoules for face is an active moisturizing ingredient. Aloe extract in ampoules for face has a complex action aimed at care, fast absorption, effective action, healing and radiance of the skin;
  • face rejuvenation ampoules contain anti-aging ingredients. Collagen, elastin and complexes of peptides in high concentrations help to keep face contoured for as long as possible. Ampoules for face from wrinkles, although they cannot completely stop age-related changes, it is still possible to slow down these processes;
  • ampoules with minerals, for example, calcium in ampoules for face tones the cells of face, improves lipid synthesis and the moisture-holding properties of the skin. All minerals are contained in an easily assimilated form for greater efficiency in use;
  • face masks in ampoules are complex products that contract production of cosmetics is based on the basic needs of the facial skin.

How to use ampoules for face?

You can use such cosmetics both for the purpose of solving certain skin problems, and for maintaining it in good condition. There are no specific restrictions, except for the intolerance of certain components.

Apply the composition from the ampoule only to clean skin. Shake the ampoule before use. The composition is applied on the palms and distributed over the skin of the face. At the same time, the skin of the lips and eyelash line is recommended to be avoided by the contract manufacturing of ampoules for face.

Once completely absorbed, the basic care can be used. The combination of ampoule lines of cosmetics and care lines is the key to the early manifestation of the effect. On top of the ampoules, you can apply both decorative cosmetics and leave the skin clean.

Formulation of ampoules for face

Formulation is an important step in the contract manufacturing of ampoules for face. Popularity of this type of cosmetics is due to the increased concentration of active ingredients, which provide the fastest effect. The task of the chemist-technologist is to select the components so that their complex gives the correct effect on the skin. The high concentration should not lead to allergic reactions.

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics in ampoules

Facial ampoules are a popular face care product. Its production requires knowledge, qualified personnel, equipment, raw materials and many other components. Our private label cosmetics organizes the production of entire lines of cosmetics in the shortest possible time.

The creation of recipes takes into account all the wishes of the client. Each stage of production is supervised by professionals.

A wide choice of packaging and attractive design of the product allows it to be not only effective, but also beautiful.

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