Contract manufacturing of antibacterial lotion

Contract manufacturing of antibacterial lotion

What is antibacterial hand lotion?

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics produces an antibacterial hand lotion. This is a type of product aimed at cleansing the skin from pathogens. The contract manufacturing of antibacterial lotion is especially relevant during seasonal outbreaks of disease.

Antibacterial lotion composition

The production of antiseptics involves the creation of an effective formula that not only effectively fights microorganisms, but also does not harm the skin of the hands. Such a product is in direct contact with the human body, so the use of disinfectants should be safe.

The private label cosmetics offers disinfectants based on:

  • alcohol. Alcohol (isopropyl, ethyl, etc.) is one of the most effective and safest options *. The disadvantage of alcohol sanitizers is overdrying of the skin. In order to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol, the contract manufacturing of cosmetics uses vitamin E, panthenol, glycerin;
  • triclosan. Triclosan is an effective ingredient that is convenient to use in gel antiseptics;
  • silver citrate. This component has a softer effect on the skin of the hands, does not dry out. At the same time, it kills pathogenic bacteria;
  • chlorhexidine bigluconate. An effective sanitizer that exhibits antibacterial and antiviral activity.

Antibacterial products forms

To improve the convenience of using antiseptics, contract manufacturing uses the following forms of products:

  • gels — easy to apply and spread over the skin. Absorbs quickly;
  • sprays — alcohol-based liquid products are convenient to spray on the skin;
  • creams — in addition to antimicrobial activity, they take care of the skin of the hands, softening the action of the products;
  • napkins — the material is impregnated with a solution with antimicrobial activity.

Types of products

Not all active agents are equally effective in combating disease-causing microbiota. Among them, action groups can be distinguished:

  • antifungal agents — prevent the growth of mycotic morbidity due to the chemical structure of substances;
  • antiviral agents — they kill viruses more effectively than bacteria;
  • antibacterial agents — their chemical structure effectively fights bacteria, but weakly helps against viruses;
  • antimicrobial agents — are active against viruses, bacteria and fungus at the same time. Are the most effective. Most often they consist of active components of different groups.

Differences between antiseptics

Contract manufacturing of antibacterial lotion  pays attention to the wishes of the client in the choice of an active substance and creates formulas taking into account the characteristics of the components. The antibacterial hand lotion is prepared in a preferred form for use.

Differences in form and active ingredients also affect both ease of use, scope, and the effectiveness of the antiseptic.

Contract manufacturing of antibacterial lotion

The contract manufacturing of antibacterial lotion offers ample opportunities to create effective products — be it gels or lotions. The production of hand sanitizers is especially important now, during a period of outbreaks of disease. These products are in demand.

High-quality and convenient packaging makes the product easy to use. Control at all stages of production makes the antibacterial hand cleaner safe.

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