Contract manufacturing of antifungal cream

Contract manufacturing of antifungal cream

Antifungal cream in cosmetics

Antifungal cream is a kind of specialized hand skin care products, and most importantly, the treatment and prevention of fungus. The contract manufacturing of antifungal cream develops effective formulations of creams based on various active ingredients. Such a cream against skin fungus is not only a good remedy, but also a pleasant care product.

Types of antifungal creams

The skin of the hands affected by the fungus needs special care. It is the hands that suffer the most from the negative effects of the environment. However, the feet are also highly susceptible to disease due to the warm and often damp environment inside the shoe.

The contract manufacturing of cosmetics recommends choosing a cream depending on its area of ​​application:

  • cream against fungus on the feet has not only properties to suppress the development of mycosis. Such creams dry the skin well, eliminate excessive perspiration. All this additionally helps in the fight against fungus. Also, the cream against toenail fungus has pleasant deodorizing properties without harm to the skin;
  • hand cream softens the skin and acts on the source of the problem. Such a topical cream is effective and convenient for daily use. Cream against skin fungus on the hands can be combined with other methods;
  • cream-ointment against fungus is applied pointwise to the lesion and usually contains more active ingredients.

Active components

The contract manufacturing of antifungal cream offers various products. There are two large varieties of cream against nail fungus:

  • azole. These components inhibit the growth of cell membranes. As a result, with the accumulation of active components, the problem is completely eliminated. Since new cells simply cannot grow;
  • allylamic. Such components influence the first stage of ergosterol synthesis in mycocells. It is effective against any mycoses, so such drugs are very common.

Development of an antifungal cream

Hand protection is often the key to healthy skin. If the skin and nails are affected by a mycotic disease, then the right cream can save the situation. The contract manufacturing of antifungal cream is attentive to the development of such products. They have a direct impact on the health and beauty of the hands.

The development of hand cream includes the selection of a cream base. Private label cosmetics cares not only about the health, but also the beauty of the hands. The selection of active components also occupies a special place. This not only determines the effectiveness of the product. It is also affects the allergenicity of the drug. It is important to select dosages in such a way as not to harm the skin, but maintain the effectiveness.

Contract manufacturing of antifungal cream

The production of antifungal creams is a complex and lengthy process that requires professional staff and equipment. Contract manufacturing of cosmetics can offer not only the creation of new recipes, but a full production cycle. It will also include the preparation of the necessary documents and packaging of products.

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