Contract manufacturing of beard serum

Contract manufacturing of beard serum

Beard serum is a grooming product for men that accelerates hair growth and strengthens follicles. The contract manufacturing of beard serum creates unique care products.

This comprehensive beard and mustache treatment includes shampoo, balm and beard serum. The shampoo cleanses the skin of the face, the balm cares for the beard hair, giving it shine and a pleasant aroma. The serum is used as an additional nourishing component for beard growth.
Contract manufacturing of cosmetics allows us to produce the entire line of men’s facial care products.

Benefits of beard serum

Beard growth serum has a wide range of beneficial properties such as:

  • accelerate beard growth
  • thickening of the beard
  • well-groomed appearance
  • prevention of gray hair and brittle hair
  • giving shine to bristles
  • moisturizing facial skin

The serum does not need to be rinsed off after application. It continues to work for a long time, and the beard takes on a healthy, well-groomed look.

The contract manufacturing of beard serum combines all these properties in the manufacture of a product.

Beard serum composition

High-quality caring serum for beard growth consists of natural ingredients. Its formula is balanced and based on regenerating oils. These are: burdock, almond, olive oil, cinnamon oil. The following extracts and vitamins are added to them:

  • hop extract. For dense and dense bristles
  • juniper extract. Moisturizes the skin and eliminates flaking
  • calamus extract. Makes hairs stronger and stronger, gives rich beard color
  • chamomile extract. Softens stubble and regenerates skin
  • vitamins A and E. Prevents hair loss by strengthening them

Private label cosmetics takes into account the wishes of the client and helps to invent a unique formulation of care lines.

Contract manufacturing of beard serum

Choosing a contract manufacturing of cosmetics, you create your own cosmetic product that has no analogues. You are involved in the development of the composition and technology. You choose the packaging and volume of the bottle yourself.

In particular, the contract manufacturing of beard serum is a highly specialized care for men. This requires the participation of experienced professionals and proven methods.

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