Contract manufacturing of beard shampoo

Contract manufacturing of beard shampoo

Beard shampoo is a soap-structured cleanser specially formulated to care for delicate facial skin. It is more gentle than hair shampoo. Contract manufacturing of beard shampoo allows you to create your own formula.

It is not recommended to use shower gel, shampoo for the head, soap for washing the beard. These cosmetics dry out your skin. It needs more gentle care. For these purposes, a special shampoo for men’s beard has been developed. Contract manufacturing of cosmetics provides the opportunity to invent a separate line of products for men.

Types of beard shampoos

Shampoo for hair and beard, depending on the composition and purpose, can be liquid or solid.

Solid beard shampoo comes in soap-like bars. It is used as an “express” cleansing when there is no time for a full wash. However, to avoid dry skin, frequent use is not recommended.

The liquid shampoo has a mild effect. It contains natural oils, vitamins and extracts. It does not dry out the skin and is suitable for daily use. The contract manufacturing of beard shampoo allows you to choose any production option.

In turn, liquid shampoos can perform various functions. For example, a tinted beard shampoo enhances natural color or adds a light tone. There is a range of shades, among which you can choose the one you like.

Also, one of the most popular is beard growth shampoo. It contains burdock or castor oil, pepper or mustard extracts. They promote blood flow to the hair follicles, which accelerates hair growth. Private label cosmetics will help you develop your own beard care formula.

The comprehensive care program includes shampoo and beard balm. The balm looks after and is the final part of the care. Oils and wax contained in the composition give the beard shape and shine. Essential oils are responsible for the pleasant aroma.

Contract manufacturing of beard shampoo

Contract manufacturing is engaged in the development of specialized care products for men. This is the experience accumulated over the years, proven formulas, proven suppliers, advanced specialists and modern technologies.

All this helps us to create a kind of unique product. The contract manufacturing of beard shampoo is a line of men’s care that takes into account the peculiarities of men’s skin.

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