Contract manufacturing of beard wax

Contract manufacturing of beard wax

Beard wax in cosmetics

Beard and mustache wax is a type of wax-based hair fixing and styling products. Contract manufacturing of beard wax produces a variety of beard styling cosmetics. One of the most popular products remains classic beard styling wax.

Waxing your beard is a quick way to get the shape you want and hold all day long. Such cosmetics are made from natural oils and are distinguished by their organic composition. Therefore, it not only copes with styling tasks. It also takes care of the hair, makes it moisturized and healthy.

The stiffer structure of the beard hairs requires the product to hold more firmly than conventional styling products. That is why beard waxes exist as a separate type of cosmetics.

Types of beard wax

The contract manufacturing of cosmetics produces various types of wax:

  • classic beard wax is the most common product made from natural oils and intended for daily use;
  • beard styling spray wax — easy to spray and quickly fixes the beard;
  • gel wax — is a combination of traditional styling gels and harsh beard waxes. It has a high styling ability and copes with the most unruly hairs;
  • paint wax — private label cosmetics recommends using colored wax to enhance the color of natural hair. It is not able to change the color of the hairs, but it is able to emphasize the natural beauty;
  • healing wax for styling — contains, in addition to traditional components, a large number of carers. This wax does not only take care of styling. But also the health of the hair, allows you to quickly grow a thick beard;
  • powder wax — is rubbed in the palms and turns into a thick mass for styling the beard. Contract manufacturing of beard wax recommends this wax for particularly unruly hair.

Formulation of beard styling wax

The most important parameter in the contract manufacturing of beard wax is the degree of fixation. The selection and concentration of the components primarily depends on this. It is often required to develop a whole line of waxes, which will differ in effect and degree of fixation.

It is also necessary to think over the color palette of the product. Actual colors are the key to the popularity of the product.

The selection of the preservation system of the agent depends on the component composition. In the case of using a base of natural oils and beeswax, the introduction of a preservative may not be required at all. Technologists strive for the naturalness of their products. They create formulations with a minimum amount of synthetic components.

Contract manufacturing of beard wax

Contract manufacturing develops and manufactures a large number of cosmetics for men. These lines also include beard wax.

This product can be produced according to the customer’s ready-made recipe or developed from scratch. In this case, all wishes are taken into account during the development.

Product quality control at every stage of production makes it reliable and in demand among consumers. A large selection of labels and packaging designs the finished product.

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