Contract manufacturing of bio wax

Contract manufacturing of biowax

Regenerating bio wax is a cosmetic care product for restoring the protective layer of the skin. Bio wax has a whitening effect and prevents premature skin aging. Contract manufacturing of bio wax allows you to create care products for the body.

During the cold season, our skin is most vulnerable and prone to dryness and chapping. Bio wax not only protects the skin from the negative effects of weather conditions, but also restores it. In addition to protective functions, bio wax has a softening effect. Thanks to this, it is used for treating hands and feet, for example:

  • paraffin therapy
  • wrapping
  • massage

Contract manufacturing of bio wax is the creation of a multifunctional cosmetic product.

As an analogue of bio wax, a healing cream-balm or oil is used. They also have an oily texture and healing ingredients.

Composition and development of bio wax

The main component in the composition of the regenerating bio wax is propolis or beeswax. It accelerates tissue regeneration, promoting the healing of microtraumas and burns. In addition, it has a disinfecting effect and protects against fungal diseases.

Vitamin E enhances the antioxidant and regenerative effects of bio wax. Succinic acid in its composition prevents skin aging. The elasticity of the skin is increased.

The perfume composition gives the bio wax a pleasant light aroma.

Contract manufacturing of bio wax is, among other things, the creation of care products with a healing effect.

Contract manufacturing

If you are looking to bring a new cosmetic product to the market with an already developed formula, then contract manufacturing of cosmetic is the best choice. You can also suggest your own composition. We have all the necessary components from reliable suppliers.

You can also choose a package for your product from those already offered by us, or we will pack it at your request. Regenerating bio wax is usually packed in small jars — up to 50 ml.

Thus, you get a product similar to your competitors, but under your own brand.

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