Contract manufacturing of body cream

Contract manufacturing of body cream

Body cream in cosmetics

Body cream is a type of skin care product. Contract manufacturing of body cream is the development of a formulation of creams taking into account the characteristics of the skin. Basic body care involves moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Features of body cream

Not only the skin of the face or hands needs care. The entire human body is exposed to negative environmental factors. Therefore, the contract manufacturing of cosmetics recommends the use of a body cream.

The peculiarities of the skin make the means for caring for it in different areas more specific:

  • foot cream contains a large amount of emollient components necessary to fight calluses. Such a cream can damage the delicate skin of the chest and neck;
  • cream for thighs and buttocks is designed to combat cellulite, and therefore contains specific care components;
  • hand cream is designed to minimize the loss of moisture that occurs during frequent hand work;
  • face cream is adapted for sensitive areas, fight against age-related changes. It may simply not be effective on rougher areas of the skin.

That is why private label cosmetics produces a body cream for multiple skin areas.

Varieties of body cream

The contract manufacturing of body cream offers a wide range of this product:

  • body cream is the most versatile and copes with basic care requirements;
  • body butter cream actively moisturizes and nourishes the skin due to the large amount of natural oils. It is recommended to apply the butter cream after a shower;
  • face and body cream has a universal composition that equally gently cares for the skin of different parts of the body;
  • body cream-butter contains a large amount of the oil phase relative to the water phase. The active ingredients easily penetrate the skin, moisturize and nourish it;
  • coconut body cream — the composition of the cream contains coconut oil. It gently cares for the skin and does not dry out;
  • perfumed body cream has a pleasant aroma. It stays on the skin for a long time, complementing the image;
  • anti-cellulite body cream contains components that fight extra centimeters in the waist area and smooth the skin;
  • softening body cream — the component composition helps to soften rough skin areas. After using it, the skin becomes smooth and silky, pleasant to the touch;
  • nourishing body cream — a large number of active ingredients saturate the skin. They nourish and improve the functioning of epidermal cells;
  • body cream soufflé — the light structure of such a cream makes it easy to distribute over the skin. This cream creates a protective layer that retains moisture.

Contract manufacturing of body cream

The contract manufacturing of body cream takes care of the skin of the whole body. The selection of components during formulation development takes into account the characteristics of skin areas. This approach to the creation of recipes allows you to get a quality product. It will be in demand among customers. Individual design of packaging, uniqueness of the recipe, quality of the product — all this is provided by contract manufacturing.

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