Contract manufacturing of body gel

Contract manufacturing of body gel

Body gel in cosmetics

Body gel is a cosmetic product for body skin care. The contract manufacturing of body gel uses various extracts and active additives. It is needed in order to make this product effective. Contract manufacturing of cosmetics has its own characteristics, unlike other cosmetics.

Applying of body gels

Moisturizing body gel solves the main problem of human skin — excessive loss of moisture when interacting with the environment. Contract manufacturing of body gel uses components that help relieve irritation, reduce redness, and cool the skin. That is why the moisturizing body gel is so popular in the summer.

The soothing body gel contains ingredients that soften the skin, relieve irritation, redness and heal sunburn.

The range of application of gels is extremely wide:

  • body and face skin care — the most famous way to use the gel;
  • as a remedy after epilation or sunburn — the component composition helps to relieve irritation and inflammation;
  • against sunburn — the gel is applied in a thick layer and kept on the burn site for 10-15 minutes. Then it is washed off with water. And then it is applied in a thin layer until completely absorbed;
  • as a hair care mask — the product is applied to the ends of the hair and is not washed off. The gel moisturizes the hair and reduces the harmful effects of the environment;
  • as a cuticle care — quick moisturizing puts your hands in order within a few minutes.

Types of body gels

The private label cosmetics produces various body gels. Their properties depend on the active ingredients included in the composition:

  • body gel with aloe — has a powerful moisturizing effect. Due to the high content of lignin and enzymes, it easily penetrates into the deep layers of the skin. The extract is absorbed into the skin up to four times faster than water. It saturates skin with amino acids, minerals and vitamins;
  • body gel with comfrey — this gel softens the skin, promotes rapid cell regeneration, moisturizing the epidermis. The contract manufacturing of body gel recommends using such a gel for the care of dehydrated, burnt, large-pored skin. Comfrey is also useful for cracks and inflammations;
  • body gel with badiaga — helps to activate the recovery processes in the body. Body gel with badiaga helps against inflammation, age spots and stagnant spots. Such a gel prevents the appearance of acne, enhances blood flow to the cells;
  • snail mucin gel — the presence of such a biologically active stimulant promotes the production of elastin and collagen fibers. It rejuvenates the skin, stimulates protein production, and relieves inflammation;
  • gel with vitamins — effectively moisturizes the skin, saturating it with nutrients. Diverse care composition traps moisture in the skin. Also it creates a protective barrier;
  • gel with bamboo — normalizes the hydrolipid balance, protects collagen fibers from destruction. It also helps to strengthen the immune system.

Contract manufacturing of body gel

Contract manufacturing develops individual formulations of body gels. It is based on the customer’s preferences in the component composition, color palette, type of packaging. Experienced chemists-technologists are engaged in the formulation development process. The selection of thickeners is carried out on the basis of the selected active components. But knowledge of their effect on the skin is also important. Fast and high-quality production of body gel will delight any consumer.

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