Contract manufacturing of body scrub

Contract manufacturing of body scrub

What is a body scrub?

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics includes contract manufacturing of body scrub. Scrubs are a means for effectively cleansing the skin from dead cells of the stratum corneum. The task of the scrub is to renew the skin, make it soft and smooth. It is recommended to use the scrub no more than 1-2 times a week. Otherwise, its frequent use can thin and injure the skin.

What are scrubs with?

The composition of scrubs is very important. Contract manufacturing of body scrub pays great attention to the selection of abrasive particles. They help to exfoliate dead skin cells. In this regard, we can highlight:

  • salt body scrub — this scrub has good abrasive properties, but is not suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Salt body scrub easily cleanses and leaves the skin soft and silky. It also evens out skin relief, deeply cleanses pores, evens out skin tone and removes excess sebum. Salt scrub is most effective;
  • sugar body scrub — such a body scrub of natural origin has large abrasive elements, but cleans the skin more gently. During use, the sugar base dissolves, due to which the cleansing is gentle and gentle;
  • coffee body scrub is a special skin care product. A coffee body scrub has beneficial properties and effectively nourishes the skin. The scrub also saturates the skin with microelements, removes toxins and effectively cleanses;
  • scrub with polyethylene — is the softest of those scrubs offered by contract manufacturing of cosmetics. Polyethylene particles have the correct shape, unlike natural scrubs. Such particles are less traumatic and scratch the skin;
  • crushed plant seed scrub is a scrub based on apricot, peach and other seeds. The natural composition does not cause allergies. But the shape of the microparticles can scratch the skin if the product is used incorrectly.

Types of body scrubs

The use of scrubs is a pleasant massage procedure. Contract manufacturing of body scrub can make it even more pleasant. There are different types of scrubs for all skin types, because their competent use is the key to effectiveness. Types of scrubs:

  • body scrub with oils — contains natural oils that nourish the skin, moisturize and create a protective barrier. These scrubs are suitable for sensitive and thin skin;
  • anti-cellulite body scrub — such scrubs provide good blood flow, break up uneven accumulations of fat and effectively fight its deposits. Massage movements relax, and scrubbing components soften the skin;
  • hot body scrub — warming components have a beneficial effect on blood circulation. They also improve the flow of active ingredients contained in the scrub, which increases the effectiveness of the product;
  • cream-based scrub — in scrubs of this type, abrasive particles are immersed in a nourishing cream. It, in addition to cleansing the skin, copes with its care, tone and hydration.

Formulation of body scrubs

Each scrub has a set of unique properties. They are laid down by technologists during product development. Oils, aromatic, active and abrasive ingredients are selected strictly for the respective types of leather. This is important because a scrub can not only make the skin soft, but also harm it. All these features are taken into account when developing formulations for scrubs.

First, technologists select a suitable scrub base that would perfectly match the type of abrasive components. Then add active ingredients to increase the effect of the product.

Contract manufacturing of body scrub

The production of body scrubs is an excellent opportunity to expand the cosmetic range with a product that is in great demand. The private label cosmetics produces all types of scrubs, solving skin problems of many girls. A properly selected type of scrub is a guarantee of a long-lasting effect from use. A wide choice of packaging makes the product diversified not only internally, but also externally.

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