Contract manufacturing of body wrapping

Contract manufacturing of body wrap

Body wrap is a type of skin care product. A distinctive feature of this procedure is the presence of bandages. Such bandages are impregnated with a composition with active ingredients. The procedure includes light massage, sometimes exfoliation, bandages, rest and loosening. Contract manufacturing of body wrapping offers home wrap as an alternative to salon wrap. This procedure is more budgetary, but no less effective.

Salon and home wrapping

Body wrapping can take place both at home and in a beauty parlor. The composition of the wrapping products can vary greatly.

In a salon, the cosmetologist studies all contraindications and selects the composition that will not harm health. And also during the entire procedure the cosmetologist monitors your condition. This is especially important when a full wrap is being performed. The cosmetologist can also use additional means: thermal blankets, heating pads, active films.

Effective home wrapping is not an easy task. However, contract manufacturing of cosmetics offers a simple solution. Home wrapping has a more gentle composition. It is worth noting that despite its safety, it is no less effective than the salon one. And the consistency of the product helps to spread more easily on the skin. Often, the body wrapping is sold immediately with bandages for ease of use.

What types of body wrapping are there?

Contract manufacturing of body wrapping offers various types of wrapping based on the expected effect:

  • anti-cellulite wrapping — the technique of such a wrap involves the use of food wrap. Such wrapping is especially effective in a bath or sauna. The ingredients open the pores and stimulate the perspiration required for a successful procedure;
  • clay wrapping — during the procedure, the skin is warmed up, and the pores open. The use of a blanket intensifies these processes. In this case, the active ingredients from the clay enter the skin. The high mineral content also contributes to better joint health. This wrapping strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
  • honey wrapping — helps in the fight against excess weight, improves blood circulation. It speeds up metabolism, nourishes the skin and removes excess water from the body;
  • chocolate wrapping — the cocoa beans in the wrap help improve blood circulation. As a result of the lifting effect, the skin tightens, becomes elastic, and improves well-being. Bean oil can repair cell membranes and reduce wrinkles.

It is worth remembering that the effect of each wrap will differ depending on the technique of execution:

  • a cold wrapping — exposure to temperature expands pores and stimulates blood circulation. Due to profuse sweating, toxic substances leave the body, and the waist volume decreases;
  • a hot wrapping is the opposite of a cold wrap. Pores, vessels and capillaries narrow. Lymph removes toxins from body tissues, which are affected by the composition.

Contraindications from body wrapping

The procedure itself is not as safe as it might seem at first glance. Despite the passive position of the body during the procedure, the procedure itself is a serious burden on the body.

Firstly, a large number of active ingredients, for example, iodine, magnesium salts, etc., are contraindicated in cases of thyroid disorders.

Secondly, diseases of the respiratory tract, problems with the cardiovascular system can be aggravated with the wrong approach to the procedure.

Thirdly, varicose veins and acute inflammation also become contraindications.

Contract manufacturing of body wrapping

Contract manufacturing of body wrapping develops the most effective and at the same time safe formulations of wraps. Private label cosmetics takes into account the biological aspects of the influence of the components on the human body. Particular attention is paid to the consistency and packaging of the product — home wrapping should not create problems with use.
An individual approach to the development of formulation of each product, high-quality packaging and fast production — all this is provided by contract manufacturing of cosmetics.

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