Contract manufacturing of booster

Contract manufacturing of booster

What is booster

Booster is a cosmetic product whose main purpose is to accelerate and enhance the effect of subsequent care products. Boosters are used for hair, face and nails. Booster serves both as a conductor for the delivery of care assets and as a bearer of high concentration assets. Contract manufacturing of booster is still a novelty.

Benefits of a booster in facial care

In the accepted European facial care, after the stage of cleansing and toning, use a cream. In Asian care, a booster is applied after the tonic. The booster cream can be used as an independent remedy in the treatment of the effects of acne, laser resurfacing, and removal of scars. If applied before the cream, the booster enhances the action of the active ingredients of the cream.

Boosters come in the form of serums, gels, and creams. In professional cosmetology, the booster is injected from ampoules subcutaneously. I will dwell on the cream in more detail.

Booster cream is an opportunity to quickly nourish the skin, moisturize, often whiten, and give a matte finish. Booster cream is effective in smoothing wrinkles. The booster cream may contain high concentrations of vitamins, plant extracts, collagen, amino acids and peptides, probiotics. Booster cream is one of the means of instant transformation. Contract manufacturing of booster allows you to choose a product for an individual request.

Booster recipe development

Contract manufacturing of booster begins with formulation development. The customer is determined with the purpose of the product. Hair and nail boosters are based on oils. Facial boosters can be water based. Chemists of the company select the optimal variant.

The chemists and technologists of the company rely on their experience and industry experience in the development. When developing a booster, a technical task is drawn up, which will allow you to create a product as accurately as possible.

Contract manufacturing of booster 

It is important to choose the consistency of the product and packing. Since the booster is a concentrate, a few drops are enough to get the result. In addition, boosters are seasonally applicable.

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics will help you to understand all the intricacies of this product at the development stage. Private label cosmetics includes support at all stages of the contract. Contract manufacturing of cosmetics has ready-made solutions and iis ready to develop an individual recipe for a booster and introduce it into production.

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