Contract manufacturing of cosmetics for problem skin

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics for problem skin
Contract manufacturing of cosmetics for problem skin

Cosmetics for problem skin

Cosmetics for problem skin is a cosmetic line of products designed to combat negative skin manifestations. The Contract manufacturing of cosmetics for problem skin is of particular importance to this branch of products. Incorrectly selected formulations can not only not help, but also harm the skin. Therefore, the active ingredients for formulations should be selected with particular care.

What skin is problematic?

There are several main types of skin:

  • dry;
  • oily;
  • normal;
  • combined.

Dry and oily skin without proper care can be prone to breakouts, acne, and inflammation. However, contract manufacturing of cosmetics for problem skin is developing special formulations that can help in this situation.

Cosmetics for problem skin

The contract manufacturing of cosmetics develops entire lines to combat skin problems. Among the types of such cosmetics there are:

  • cosmetics with acids for problem skin — AHA acids and BHA acids are good helpers in the fight against skin rashes. They quickly and gently dry oily areas, and also exfoliate dead particles;
  • care cosmetics for problem skin is a complex of products for daily use. The concentration of active ingredients in such products is lower than in medicinal products. Therefore, their use is longer and safer for problem skin;
  • medical cosmetics for problem skin are effective cosmetic products, the reception of which must be agreed upon. If such products are taken incorrectly, there is a risk of complications. It is worth using the products only in accordance with the instructions, and the duration of the course should not exceed the recommended limits;
  • scrubs, peelings — their action is based either on enzymatic exfoliation of dead skin particles or on a mechanical one, when the abrasive components of the scrub cleanse the skin. The second option is not suitable for delicate and sensitive skin. In both cases, this results in effective cleansing of the skin and reduction of eruption.

Formulation development and selection of components

When developing a formulation, contract manufacturing of cosmetics for problem skin pays attention to specific skin problems. In addition to the characteristic components, inherent in any cosmetics of this type, private label cosmetics uses:

  • enzymes. For example, bromelain. Its task is to gently exfoliate dead skin cells without damaging it;
  • acid complexes. Salicylic acid works well with skin rashes, and complexes of fruit acids help to whiten it;
  • essential oils. They help to cool the skin, have an antiseptic effect and fight inflammation;
  • natural vegetable oils and vitamins. They have a good healing effect and keep the skin hydrated;
  • extracts. The effect may differ depending on the type of extract. Their spectrum of action is wide: from moisturizing to healing and whitening of the skin;
  • other active ingredients. For example, niacinamide and vitamin complexes. There are many assets and each of them is selected for specific skin problems.

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics for problem skin

Private label cosmetics cooperates with customers at all levels. The launch of a line of cosmetics begins with the complete development of each product from scratch. In this case, all the wishes of the client are taken into account.

Production is carried out in the shortest possible time. At the same time, finished cosmetics receive all the necessary documentation and quality certificates. The finished product is effective and safe. Quality is controlled at all stages of the production of cosmetics for skin: from cooking to packaging and labeling of finished products.

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