Contract manufacturing of cream mask

Contract manufacturing of cream mask

A cream mask is a type of skin care product that has a creamy texture. The contract manufacturing of cream mask distinguishes their properties as directional, in contrast to creams, despite the external similarity of the products.

Types of cream masks

Each mask is selected depending on the type of skin, on the active ingredients. So masks are:

  • cleansing — normalize sebum secretion, eliminate oily sheen and acne;
  • anti-aging — stimulate collagen production. Masked peptides have a tightening effect, slow down oxidative processes;
  • moisturizers — restore blood circulation, retain moisture in skin cells longer;
  • nutritious — activate the growth and division of new cells, replenish the lack of nutrients;
  • medicinal — actively affect the metabolism of cells, designed to eliminate minor cosmetic defects.

Using cream masks

The contract manufacturing of cosmetics separates the use of creams and cream masks. These cosmetics are complementary, but not interchangeable. There are a number of fundamental differences. Among them are:

  • consistency — masks have a denser structure, which is absorbed, leaving a film on the face. After the end of the procedure, this film requires rinsing;
  • concentration of active ingredients — masks contain assets in much higher concentrations than creams, which leads to more intensive skin care;
  • the purpose of the product — unlike creams, the capabilities of which are limited and, mainly, are in maintaining metabolic processes, masks have a targeted effect. This is the fight against acne, mimic wrinkles, age-related skin dehydration, age spots, etc.;
  • depth of action on the skin — most of the care products are limited to the basal layer of the skin, while the masks penetrate lower, into the area where fibroblasts are contained, which maintain skin elasticity. This greatly enhances the effectiveness of the cream masks.

Cream face masks:

  • moisturize;
  • even out the shade and lighten;
  • tighten the oval of the face and fight light wrinkles;
  • eliminate redness, the effects of irritation, acne;
  • soften, make the skin velvety;
  • saturate cells with nutrients.

The difference between cream and mud mask

Private label cosmetics began to produce cream masks not so long ago as cloth, gel or mud masks. Cream face masks have a number of distinctive features.

Firstly, the active components of the cream mask first have an active effect on the upper layers of the skin, and only then they penetrate deeper, evenly nourishing and moisturizing each layer.

Secondly, the cream mask normalizes the metabolism at the cellular level, which allows you to maintain the effect of the application for a longer period.

Thirdly, the creamy face masks have a special texture that can be described as not too light, but also not too heavy, which allows it to affect all layers of the skin.

Contract manufacturing of cream face mask

Contract manufacturing of cream mask creates formulations in such a way that the structure and consistency of the cream mask is ideal for distribution on the skin of the face. Also, contract manufacturing of cream mask selects the active ingredients and their concentration in order to achieve the most effective mask. High-quality packaging frames the finished product and emphasizes the direction of its properties.

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