Contract manufacturing of eye mask

Contract manufacturing of eye masks

What is the use of eye mask

An eye mask is a preventive care product. The masks around the eyelids are used as a weekly treatment. Contract manufacturing of eye mask helps to make skin beautiful.

The area around the eyes is devoid of fatty layers and collagen fibers. The eyelid protects the eye from dust. A person makes about 2-3 thousand blinks per day. Cream eye masks can be used to care for this delicate area from the age of 20. The contract manufacturing of eye mask can develop and produce cosmetics for different age categories. The eyelid mask provides a moisturizing, firming and nourishing effect when used regularly.

For daily care for the skin of the eyelids, use a cream (day and night), gel, lotion and toner. As a weekly treatment, eye mask and patches have proven themselves well. It should be noted that all of these tools are good. A necessary condition for the result is an integrated approach.

Variety of caring cosmetics and its composition

Initially, emphasis should be placed on nourishing the skin around the eyes. An eye mask for a young girl is applied once a day. It is great if the composition is low in olive, coconut, argan, jojoba or almonds. In case of puffiness, it is good to additionally use a combination of green tea and rosehip extract.

By the age of 30, dry skin around the eyes appears and mimic wrinkles appear. Eyelid tightening masks include hyaluronic acid, dexpanthenol, cucumber and aloe extracts. These ingredients moisturize, soften and prevent wrinkles. You should pay attention to zinc oxide, which protects against UV exposure. The mask for lifting the eyelids can be applied 2 times a week.

At the age of 40, there is a need for active ingredients that help restore the skin. An anti-wrinkle eye mask often contains retinol and its derivatives. Well restores the lipid layer squalene. By the age of 50, the cream eye mask primarily maintains tone, therefore it contains peptides. Such masks should be applied in courses to avoid addiction.

Contract manufacturing of eye mask

The contract manufacturing of eye mask provides for several cooperation schemes. You can use the already developed base of recipes and order samples. Another option would be to develop your own recipe with specified characteristics.

In any case, the contract manufacturing of cosmetics has the ability to translate our plans into reality. Contract manufacturing has connections with raw material suppliers around the world. The private label cosmetics has high-tech equipment and trained personnel to carry out the technological process. The filling stage is equipped with filling machines, labeling and cellophane lines.

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