Contract manufacturing of eyelash serum

Contract manufacturing of eyelash serum

Eyelash serum in cosmetics

Eyebrow and eyelash serum is a type of professional care product aimed at improving hair health. The contract manufacturing of eyelash serum produces many varieties of it.

The active eyelash serum is very easy to use. It is enough to apply a small amount of the product to the eyelashes or eyebrows. The components themselves restore hair, make it shiny and beautiful. The volume increases, and the look becomes more expressive.

Serum types

Compositions and properties of serum can differ significantly from each other. The contract manufacturing of cosmetics distinguishes the following types of serums:

  • medicinal. Their task is to restore delicate hairs after damage associated with coloring, mechanical stress. Their formulations are very concentrated and penetrate deep into the hair, filling it with health. However, this is why it is worth checking the serum first for possible allergic reactions;
  • serum for the growth and strengthening of eyelashes. The dual-action complex contains substances that cope equally well with major hair problems. At the same time, serum for hair growth have a more targeted effect, it works out specific problems. Daily use of the product will improve their condition;
  • oil eyelash serum contains not only the active components of the aqueous phase. There is also a large amount of natural oils.

Development of eyelash serums

The private label cosmetics cares about the quality of their products and pays attention to the selection of raw materials. It takes a long time to develop eyelash serums, but the result is a versatile, working product.

Chemists-technologists use various groups of substances as active components:

  • extracts. These natural ingredients are used. The extracts have a whole complex of different actions, and their combination allows to improve the properties of serums. They nourish, moisturize, restore and strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows;
  • acid. Acids not only balance the pH to the desired value. Acid makes them more elastic and prevents breakage;
  • peptides and proteinaceous substance. Among them are collagen, keratin, and complexes of substances based on them. They have an active beneficial effect on the structure of the hair, return it shine and shine;
  • natural oil. Shea butter, castor oil and many others protect hair in the best way.

Contract manufacturing of eyelash serum

Contract manufacturing of eyelash serum is the fastest way to produce unique cosmetics under your own brand. Qualified specialists will help not only with the development of recipes and production. They also will help with the packaging of finished cosmetics and the preparation of the documentation.

An individual approach and strict adherence to the technological process make contract manufacturing of eyelash serum be high-quality and attractive process.

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