Contract manufacturing of face tonic

Contract manufacturing of face tonic

What is face tonic?

In the system of daily care, after the stage of make-up removal, there is a toning stage. The main cosmetic product at this stage is the face tonic. This product is used for different types of leather. The face tonic is a liquid product with various assets. Contract manufacturing of face tonic produces products with various compositions.

Face tonic removes the remains of the makeup remover, tones the skin, shrinks the enlarged pores of the skin and prepares it for the application of the cream. Contract manufacturing of cosmetics can produce batches of various sizes.

What is a face tonic needed for?

Owners of different skin types face different problems in their care. So, dry skin is characterized by a feeling of tightness after washing, often peeling. The active ingredients, which contain a moisturizing face tonic, help to restore the skin’s radiant appearance. Private label cosmetics has experience in the production of this type of tonic.

Aloe facial tonic is recognized as a classic of the genre. This component is able to nourish the epidermis with life-giving moisture, restore the skin after sunburn. Tonic for dry skin may contain hyaluronic acid, extracts of cucumber, rosehip, witch hazel flower water. Gentle exfoliation is achieved when salicylic acid is added to the tonic. The hyaluronic face tonic is recommended for anti-aging treatments.

Owners of oily skin prefer a tonic for problem skin. First of all, the merit of plant extracts should be noted. First of all, these are calendula, string, nettle. The ingredients of these plants are able to reduce inflammation and reduce skin redness. The contract manufacturing of face tonic has the raw materials for the production of various types of tonic.

Daily care systems

At the moment, there are two systems of daily care — European and Korean. A Korean face tonic is similar in consistency to gel. It contains exotic components for us — extracts of mushrooms, lotus flowers, snail mucin. Facial cleansing tonic contains cornstarch and talc.

The composition of the face tonic is largely determined by the preferences of the customer. The production of face tonic allows you to take this into account at the stage of formulation development. Thus, the contract manufacturing of cosmetics can produce a tonic for different care systems.

Contract manufacturing of face tonic

Contract manufacturing of the face tonic begins with the conclusion of the contract. The contract specifies what composition of the tonic will be the basis for production. The private label cosmetics can offer a composition from the current catalog or the development of a unique composition. After the customer has approved the samples, the raw materials are purchased, the order is placed for the label and container. Production of cosmetics also offers packaging services for the customer’s cosmetics.

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