Contract manufacturing of facial cream

Contract manufacturing of facial cream

Facial cream is a specialized cosmetic product aimed at skin care. Contract manufacturing of facial cream aims to create a range of creams that are suitable for all skin types.

Facial skin is softer and thinner, it is also more sensitive. Also, the skin of the face has many fat and sweat glands, and regeneration is accelerated. A regular cream does not take into account all these features of the skin, and therefore is ineffective or even harmful to the skin of the face.

Types of facial creams

The contract manufacturing of cosmetics releases face skin cream as an effective remedy that fights various skin problems. In this regard, there are many types of creams:

  • facial cream with SPF — such a cream will cope not only with skin care, but also with protecting it from the sun’s rays. SPF protection reduces the effect of harmful UV radiation on the skin, preventing photoaging;
  • cream for dry skin — aimed at active skin hydration. Dry face cream tones the skin, restores the hydro-balance and gives a healthy look. For example, hyaluronic face cream or creams with extracts quickly and effectively cope with this task;
  • oily face cream is a nourishing facial cream that contains many oils and vitamins. The rich care composition allows you to cope with a serious lack of nutrients for cells;
  • face cream with acids — has a slight scrubbing effect. It exfoliates dead skin particles as gently and carefully as possible and whitens perfectly;
  • face cream for age spots — the systematic use of this cream allows you to make age spots less noticeable, thanks to the complex of active components of the cream;
  • night face cream — has a heavier texture and takes longer to be absorbed. Its task is to care for the skin at night, to moisturize and nourish it.

Age features of the use of creams

The contract manufacturing of facial cream recommends choosing a cream in accordance with the age of the skin. At different ages, the skin needs different care with some characteristics.

In the first period of skin aging, the onset of age-related changes occurs, caused by a slowdown in the processes of skin renewal, a decrease in the rate of production of elastin and collagen. Facial cream 30+ has a strong moisturizing effect, and also begins to gently promote the production of natural collagen.

Further, cells with difficulty retain fluid, metabolic processes slow down, wrinkles deepen. Facial cream 40+ contains more active ingredients. Their task is to nourish cells with useful substances and moisture.

At a later age, the structure of the skin is destroyed. It loses its elasticity and ability to regain its shape after the contraction of the facial muscles. Facial cream 50+, although it cannot return the skin to its former youth, it can maintain a healthy and radiant appearance. A large number of peptides, anti-aging ingredients and vitamins make this cream effective in combating wrinkles

Formulation of facial cream

The development of a cream is an important and long process. Private label cosmetics distinguishes the groups of components with the help of which the cream is created:

  • fatty components. These are vegetable fats. Animal fats or artificial fat-like additives. They are designed to soften, moisturize and nourish the skin;
  • thickeners. Not all creams thicken due to the properties of fatty oils. Thickeners can give a lighter texture with any oils;
  • emulsifiers. Water and oil are two mutually immiscible phases. Emulsifiers help hold these phases together and prevent delamination;
  • active ingredients. Numerous assets such as collagen, snail mucin, apple stem cells, peptides, elastin, niacinamide, panthenol and hundreds of other types actively act on the skin to improve its condition;
  • dyes, preservatives and fragrances. They allow to keep the cream longer and give it individuality.

Contract manufacturing of facial cream

Contract manufacturing of facial cream is engaged in the creation and production of the most effective product. The complete process takes the shortest possible time, and each stage takes place in agreement with the customer.

An individual approach and taking into account all wishes allow us to develop and produce exactly the product that will be popular with customers. High-quality packaging and a variety of packaging options pleasantly complement the finished product.

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