Contract manufacturing of facial fluids

Contract manufacturing of facial fluids

Facial fluid in cosmetics

Facial fluid is a modern cosmetic product aimed at skin care. Contract manufacturing of facial fluids rightfully calls such a tool revolutionary and new. Delicate, ultra-light texture allows fluids to be absorbed quickly, without clogging pores. Fluids penetrate the skin much faster, but at the same time do not leave a greasy film or a feeling of tightness.

Types of fluids

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics distinguishes the following types of fluids:

  • matting. Such fluids are aimed at regulating the work of the oil glands, sebum regulation. Matte skin without oily sheen is exactly the effect that can be achieved with matting fluids;
  • moisturizing. The high content of water, extracts and easily absorbed active ingredients make the fluid an extremely effective skin moisturizer. At the same time, the light texture will allow it to penetrate the skin as quickly as possible;
  • tonal. Regular heavy foundation or even lightweight BB and CC creams do not give the same lightness and instant absorption effect as fluids. Light velvety tone looks very natural;
  • sun protection. Extra SPF-protection against UV-aging is never superfluous. Contract manufacturing of facial fluids ensures that the fluid does not look like a whitish cream that leaves streaks. The fluid will be quickly absorbed and will be completely invisible.

How fluids differ from other cosmetics

It’s not for nothing that facial fluids are so popular now. Contract manufacturing of cosmetics can compare a fluid to a serum or cream. However, the fluid contains practically no oils and is very easily absorbed into the skin. The combination of the best properties of various products is the key to a comfortable use of the product.

Fluid formulation

Facial fluid formulation is a complex and time-consuming process. Contract manufacturing of facial fluids uses only natural herbal ingredients and extracts. For example, extracts of tea, cucumber, aloe, grape and peach do an excellent job of moisturizing the skin, refreshing it and regulating the production of sebum. The cream fluid may contain oils, but only in a form that is absorbed as quickly as possible.

The polymers contained in the fluids retain moisture inside the skin and prevent excessive dryness from ruining the skin.

Collagen, elastin and anti-aging peptides actively fight wrinkles, age-related changes and simply keep the skin healthy.

Hyaluronic acid instantly improves skin turgor and does not create a feeling of tightness. Such a moisturizing facial fluid will be especially effective when combined with vitamin capsules.

Contract manufacturing of fluids 

Private label cosmetics is the easiest way to start the production of your innovative product. Experienced technologists develop unique fluid compositions, taking into account all the wishes of the client. Modern equipment, constant product control and qualified personnel are a guarantee of the quality of the finished fluid.

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