Contract manufacturing of foot gel

Contract manufacturing of foot gel

In the rapid pace of modern life, despite the many cases and tasks to be solved, it is still natural to desire by the end of the day to throw off the accumulated fatigue and return the lost ease of gait. As a daily care for stressed feet, foot gel acts, and, accordingly, the contract manufacturing of foot gel. It is distinguished from foot creams by its light consistency, ease of application, and lack of stickiness. However, just like creams, gels have a cosmetic effect.

So how can foot gels and contract manufacturing of foot gel help you?

Keratolytic foot gel

First of all, foot care is a timely pedicure. Keratolytic foot gel softens the skin of the feet and cuticles for further processing by hand or using hardware attachments.

The active active ingredient (alkali, urea, fruit acids, salicylic acid, enzymes) causes active exfoliation of dead cells, raises them and makes it possible to remove unnecessary (corns and dry calluses) and become obsolete from the skin surface.

In addition, the keratolytic gel for feet also includes caring components — herbal extracts, vitamin E, essential oils, antifungal and antimicrobial components.

Cooling gel for feet

A cooling gel for legs helps to restore a feeling of lightness to tired legs and relieve swelling. The menthol included in its composition gives a light analgesic effect, and active plant extracts reduce skin irritation and have a capillary-strengthening effect, thereby improving blood circulation.

Contract manufacturing

Despite the fact that there are many different lines of foot skin care on the market, cosmetologists recommend choosing them depending on the individual characteristics and condition of the dermis. In resolving this issue, contract manufacturing of cosmetics comes to the fore.

Contract manufacturing of foot gel includes the development of a recipe depending on your preferences, making a sample and providing it for testing to the customer. After agreement and approval, private label cosmetics is engaged in the purchase of raw materials, containers and labels for your brand. Contract manufacturing uses modern technological equipment, qualified trained personnel and modern management methods. Private label cosmetics within the time frame established by the contract provides a quality product under your brand and taking into account your individual wishes

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