Contract manufacturing of foot spray

Contract manufacturing of foot spray

In the arsenal of daily foot care products should be noted foot deodorant. So how can сontract manufacturing of foot spray be useful?

What is foot spray

First of all, the multifunctionality of this cosmetic product should be noted. It is called upon to solve many tasks. First, a good quality foot spray will block sweat.

Secondly, it eliminates the unpleasant sour smell, the appearance of which is natural when wearing closed shoes for a long time.

Thirdly, the healing effect for those who are worried about fungus, hyperhidrosis, wounds and injuries will serve as a bonus.

For ease of application and depending on the preferences of the consumer, the deodorant is available in the form of an aerosol, powder, gel and ointment.

The most popular among travelers, due to its consistency and convenient packaging for transportation, has won the foot spray cream.

Development of a cosmetic formulation

It is clear that the creation of a quality product is a creative task, the concentration of theoretical knowledge underlying practical use.

The foot odor spray contains components (bifonazole, tea tree oil) that inhibit the growth of bacteria — the root cause of the unpleasant odor. Thus, the spray removes and prevents odor reappearance, controls excess perspiration and carries an antibacterial component.

In addition, this cosmetic product has a pleasant aroma of natural ingredients, which lasts up to 24 hours. Menthol is also often added to its composition, which gives a light cooling effect and a feeling of rested legs. Apply all sprays to clean and dry feet.

I will tell you separately about antiperspirant spray for feet. It dries the skin of the legs and, due to the active substance (aluminum salt, zinc oxide), reduces the possibility of pores to produce sweat. Fresh, dry and clean skin at the end of the day is the reality of a well-designed and manufactured product.

Contract manufacturing of foot spray

Despite the fact that consumers of cosmetic products share the same problems, we are all different in the perception of aromas, we have different allergic status and chronic diseases. Doctors recommend taking all this into account when choosing. That is why there are many different deodorants on the market.

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics can be used to resolve this issue. Contract manufacturing of foot sprays includes developing a formulation based on the problem, making a sample and submitting it to the customer for testing. After agreement and approval, private label cosmetics is engaged in the purchase of raw materials, containers and labels for your brand.

The private label of Rekish Cosmetics LLC uses modern technological equipment, trained personnel and modern management methods. In addition, there are possibilities for various types of packaging, depending on the type of product chosen (tube, spray bottle, ball bottle), thus, the private label cosmetics in the terms established by the contract receives and provides for sale a quality product under your brand and taking into account your individual wishes.

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