Contract manufacturing of gel masks

Contract manufacturing of gel masks

A gel mask is a type of skin care product that has a gel texture. Contract manufacturing of gel masks produces masks that have practically no contraindications and take the shape of any face oval.

Types of gel masks

The contract manufacturing of cosmetics offers a wide range of different gels for facial skin care. They can be divided based on the basic properties of the mask.

Gel face masks are:

  • anti-aging — fight against age-related changes;
  • tightening — cover the face, creating a lifting effect;
  • moisturizers — saturate the skin with the necessary moisture;
  • cooling — tone up the skin of the face due to the sensation of cold and relieve inflammation;
  • warming up — improve the flow of active ingredients into the skin of the face;
  • nourishing — make up for the lack of nutrients;
  • cleansing — contain scrubbing components against skin peeling;
  • whitening — contain components of natural origin, prone to skin whitening;
  • care — used after procedures associated with possible damage to the skin, for example, after shaving.

The contract manufacturing of gel masks provides such a large selection of gel masks. The active ingredients act on the skin, while the unusual consistency of the mask takes care of its general condition.

Why are gel masks popular?

The gel mask differs in its properties from other products in this group. The gel mask is aimed at:

  • improvement of blood circulation in the tissues of the skin of the face;
  • rejuvenation;
  • removal of fatigue and tone.

Regular masks focus more on specific skin changes and problems. For example, a lack of moisture, acne, wrinkles, pigmentation or enlarged pores. Treatments with gel masks are distinguished by pleasant tonic coolness and a tightening sensation on the skin. There is a pleasant relaxation of the facial muscles.

Contract manufacturing of gel masks makes formulations in such a way that masks immediately takes on the contours of the face. A lifting effect is manifested.

Contract manufacturing of gel masks

A gel face mask is a specific product, the preparation of which at home is almost impossible. It’s due to the peculiarities of the technological process. However, private label cosmetics is capable of producing high quality gel masks. And without losing important properties. The masks, which were produced by contract manufacturing, are distinguished by a pleasant appearance, active properties and quality that can satisfy any customer.