Contract manufacturing of hair-dye oxidizer

Contract manufacturing of hair-dye oxidizer

Hair-dye oxidizer in cosmetics

Hair-dye oxidizer is a type of hair dye that is used in conjunction with oxidizing dye. Contract manufacturing of hair-dye oxidizer is committed to creating a fast acting product that does not harm hair. However, it reacts effectively with the paint formulation.

Application of hair-dye oxidizer

Persistent dyes (oxidizing) provide long-lasting and stable hair coloring due to the use of an oxidizing agent in the composition. It allows you to significantly change colors, stain gray hair, create shiny and natural looking colors. They require a hair-dye oxidizer.

Why do you need a hair-dye oxidizer? Some features of the hair-dye itself answer this question:

  • alkaline pH due to ammonia (ethanolamine). For opening the cuticle and penetration of components into the hair;
  • coloring pigments are formed inside the hair from colorless dyes and an oxidizing agent (H2O2). The oxidizing agent partially brightens the natural pigment;
  • when the initial components interact with the oxidant, large molecules are formed. They are mechanically retained inside the hair;
  • the pigment is gradually washed out and destroyed by light.

How to choose a hair-dye oxidizer?

What hair-dye oxidizer is needed for the dye is determined by the effect to be achieved on the hair.

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics is presented hair-dye oxidizer with different content of hydrogen peroxide:

  • 3% — makes it possible to dye hair in a tone close to natural. Lighten one tone or darken the natural color;
  • 6% — allows you to paint over gray hair and achieve lightening in two tones. Necessary when coloring in red and copper tones;
  • 9% — used for heavy and dark hair, or to lighten more than three tones;
  • 12% — relevant for radical changes in appearance and lightening by more than four tones.

Why is hair-dye with an oxidizing agent more resistant?

Dye without an oxidizing agent (surface, physical) color the hair using pigments — water-insoluble dyes. Pigment molecules are large and do not penetrate into the hair, but settle on the cuticle. Pigments are present together with film formers. Dyes do not interact with hair. After application, a colored membrane forms on the surface of the hair. It is washed off during the first wash or can be removed even when combing.

The dye without oxidizing agent does not mix with hydrogen peroxide and does not contain it in its composition. Therefore, it does not lighten the pigment. And the resulting colors can only be darker or at the level of the existing color.
Contract manufacturing of hair-dye oxidizer offers dyes with an oxidizing agent as a solution to these problems. However, they have a greater effect on the hair structure and damage it.

Development of the hair-dye oxidizer  formulation

The recipe is created by experienced technologist chemists. Contract manufacturing of hair-dye oxidizer strives to create such an oxidizer that works as efficiently as possible. When developing, it is important to consider the percentage of hydrogen peroxide. A wide range of products will allow you to choose a suitable oxidant.

Contract manufacturing of hair-dye oxidizer

Private label cosmetics allow the production of hair-dye oxidizer with desired properties. An individual approach to the creation of recipes and packaging allows you to create a high-quality product.

Quality control at each stage of the development of the oxidizer is carried out by qualified technologists. Contract manufacturing takes into account all wishes during the creation of a unique product.

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