Contract manufacturing of hair removal wax

Contract manufacturing of hair removal wax

Hair removal wax in cosmetics

Hair removal wax is a type of professional body hair removal product. Contract manufacturing of hair removal wax recommends this hair removal method. Waxing your legs is an inexpensive, quick and effective way to get rid of hair.

Types of hair removal waxes

The contract manufacturing of hair removal wax names the temperature of work with wax as the main basis for its classification. So wax can be:

  • cold. This is the easiest wax to work with. It is pre-applied to strips of nonwoven fabric. To use this wax, it is enough to warm it up, stick it to the hair removal area and quickly tear off the strip. This type of wax does not require any special skills;
  • warm. Warm wax is packaged into cartridges that have a roller. Also, this wax is packaged by private label cosmetics in jars, which must be warmed up before use. Warm wax should be applied with a spatula (if it is not a cartridge). The method for removing such wax is similar to cold wax — using non-woven strips of material;
  • hot. This wax is preferred by masters in beauty salons. It is packed into briquettes. The wax itself requires heating to a temperature of 70-75 ° C. When hardened on the skin, it forms a dense cocoon, which is manually removed by a master.

The wax is also classified according to the areas of its application on the body. It can be wax for the face, for the bikini area, universal, or for the legs, arms and back.

The difference between sugaring and wax

Depilation of legs with wax requires a hair length of at least 5 mm. Sugaring does not impose such restrictions on the procedure. With sugaring, there are softer temperature conditions and no risk of redness, burns and other things.

There is a much greater risk of irritation with wax than with sugar paste.

However, the contract manufacturing of cosmetics recommends the use of wax, as it helps to remove hair along with the bulb. This not only helps to reduce the amount of body hair. It also helps to increase the intervals between treatments. The hair becomes thinner and less frequent.

Formulation of wax

Wax is a fairly simple product in its composition. However, creating the required product structure is a complex technological challenge. It requires a thorough knowledge of the technological process and a precisely calibrated recipe.

Waxes with active ingredients require special care during development. Often, the active ingredients are thermolabile and cannot tolerate heat when melted. Therefore, careful selection of ingredients is a complex technological challenge.

Contract manufacturing of hair removal wax

Contract manufacturing of hair removal wax offers fast and high-quality wax production in various batches. Careful quality control at all stages of wax production is a guarantee of the properties of the finished product and its safety.

An individual approach to customers, taking into account all the wishes for the recipe and packaging, allows you to get a product in demand from customers.

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