Contract manufacturing of hand creams

Contract manufacturing of hand creams

Hand cream in cosmetics

Hand cream is a form of skin care, designed to moisturize, nourish and improve the appearance. The contract manufacturing of hand creams develops formulations not only for conventional products, but special-purpose creams.

Types of hand creams

Hand skin needs special care, because it is exposed to the most aggressive environmental influences. The contract manufacturing of cosmetics recommends choosing a cream based on the purpose of its use.

moisturizing hand cream is easily and quickly absorbed. Active additives saturate the cells of the epidermis with moisture. It remains inside the skin for a long time;

nourishing hand cream contains more oils. When developing the composition, the characteristics of the skin and the absorption of the components are taken into account. Many vitamins and active additives make this cream indispensable in the fight against dryness;

protective hand cream is designed to maximize skin protection. This cream not only creates a protective barrier, but heals the damage quickly;

restoring (regenerating) hand cream is adapted for sensitive skin. When developing a formulation, technologists include regenerating additives in the composition. For example, extracts, panthenol, natural oils, etc. ;

anti-aging cream contains a rich composition aimed at smoothing wrinkles. Such a cream carefully maintains skin beauty;

special-purpose cream — applied in special cases, during special hand work. Creates the effect of liquid protective gloves.

That is why contract manufacturing of hand creams produces creams for various purposes.

Features of hand cream

The private label cosmetics offers a wide range of creams not only for hands, but also for the whole body. This is due to the specificity of the hand cream. Components will work only on the skin of the hands with maximum efficiency. Otherwise, the cream will show very average quality indicators.

Technologists take into account the features and needs of the skin in the process of creating a demanded product.

Contract manufacturing of hand creams

The production of hand creams is a complex and lengthy process. Technologists select not only the optimal natural emulsifiers and thickeners to create the perfect cream consistency. But also the temperature modes of mixing thermolabile active components.

High-quality and convenient packaging allows you to beautifully design the product and protect it.

All stages — from the creation of the recipe to the finished packaging — are carried out by contract manufacturing of hand creams.

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