Contract manufacturing of hydrophilic oil

What is hydrophilic oil

The Asian facial system uses hydrophilic oil. It is applied with dry, clean hands to the skin of the face. Then, with light movements, it is distributed along the massage lines. When oil combines with water, it turns into milk. The contract manufacturing of hydrophilic oil develops formulations for different skin types.

Thus, the hydrophilic oil primarily serves for cleansing. Hydrophilic face oil has an advantage over micellar water. Using a hydrophilic makeup remover oil, there is no need to use a cotton swab and rub your skin. A hydrophilic oil is better for cleansing than pure vegetable oil. It does not penetrate the pores of the skin, but only moistens fat-soluble cosmetics.

It should be noted that Europeans have appreciated the possibilities of hydrophilic oil and use it for body and hair care. Contract manufacturing of cosmetics can develop various types of products. Hydrophilic shower oil cleanses the skin and gently softens it. Hydrophilic hair oil makes hair softer and easier to comb.

Composition and release form of hydrophilic oil

Hydrophilic cleansing oils are composed of various types of oils and an emulsifier. First of all, these are natural oils — olive, grape seed, peach, argan, macadamia. Hydrophilic oil is used to cleanse the natural products of skin secretions and makeup. Experts have different opinions regarding the mineral oil added to the composition. In addition, the composition may include plant oil extracts and active ingredients.

So, hydrophilic oil with acids (AHA and BHA) helps to combine the peeling and washing procedure. To heal the skin from rashes, tea tree oil is added to the hydrophilic oil for oily skin. Deep cleansing hydrophilic oil contains bamboo charcoal.

Contract manufacturing of hydrophilic oil 

The contract manufacturing of hydrophilic oil offers the production of finished products of various types. Hydrophilic gel oil has a dense consistency. This will be appreciated by those who do not like the greasy feeling of pure oil. The hydrophilic oil foam has an airy structure. Designed for owners of combination and sensitive skin.

Contract manufacturing of hydrophilic oil  has experience in releasing this product. The private label cosmetics has offers for packaging with various types of dispensers. In addition, contract manufacturing of cosmetics offers its services in labeling and cellophane production. You are ready to start producing your brand’s hydrophilic oil.

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