Contract manufacturing of intimate lubricants

Contract manufacturing of lubricants

Intimate lubricants

Lubricant is an intimate formulation that is designed to enhance the experience of a couple while in love. The contract manufacturing of intimate lubricants creates a safe product that only favorably affects the comfort of the couple during sex.

The lubricant moisturizes the skin, creates a sliding effect, protects mucous membranes. Also, lubricant gel is indispensable during long lovemaking, when natural lubricant is no longer produced in sufficient quantities. All this increases the pleasure of sex and makes it even more enjoyable for partners.

Types of lubricants

Contract manufacturing of intimate lubricants produces different types of lubricants for different purposes. After all, the bases of lubricants are very important:

  • water-based lubricant. This type of lubricant gel does not damage the silicone base of the contraceptive. Therefore, water-based lubricant can be used with all types of condoms. The gel is easy to use, dries rather slowly and promotes sliding;
  • cream lubricant perfectly moisturizes the skin, does not cause discomfort when used. However, do not forget that a lubricant where oil is present in the composition can damage contraceptives. The cream lubricant has prolonging properties and will give pleasure for a long time. Also, silicone lubricant belongs to the fat base;
  • oral lubricant is just as helpful as others. During oral sex, the use of lubricant is also often necessary. In addition, the pleasant taste of the gel itself and the safe composition will make the process more pleasant;
  • anal lubricant has a more viscous consistency than regular lubricant. Sometimes it can contain cooling components that prevent discomfort. The use of such a lubricant is especially necessary for anal sex.

Development of lubricants

Lubricant production requires a safe and stable formulation. Therefore, the development of lubricants is one of the most important stages of its creation, which is dealt with by contract manufacturing of cosmetics.

The composition of the lubricant may contain:

  • thickeners. Apart from structure, they also provide a sliding effect. It is recommended to use safe ingredients, for example, hydroxyethyl cellulose, carbomer;
  • oils, if necessary, as part of an intimate lubricating gel. They shouldn’t be irritating;
  • natural extracts and vitamins whose task is to care for the skin and mucous membranes;
  • cooling and warming components affect the sensations during sex in different ways. Therefore, private label cosmetics adds them to various types of lubricants.

Contract manufacturing of intimate lubricants

The contract manufacturing of intimate lubricants produces various types of lubricants. High-quality and fast formulation development is also possible in the enterprise. When developing, all the wishes of the client are taken into account, regarding not only the composition and properties of the finished product, but also its color and properties.

Services for packaging and labeling of already manufactured products are also provided.

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