Contract manufacturing of keratin hair straightening

Contract manufacturing of keratin hair straightening

What is keratin hair straightening?

Keratin hair straightening is a type of hair straightening product that has a long-lasting effect. Hair after the procedure is heavy, shiny and healthy. Сontract manufacturing of keratin hair straightening strives to create the most effective and safe straightening formulations.

How does keratin hair straightening work

The structure of the hair is keratin multifibrils, which are wrapped in several layers of transparent keratin scales. A multifibril consists of many fibrils formed by keratin molecules.

The unfavorable influence of the environment destroys the hair structure, reveals the scales. Hair stops shining and starts to frizz. Also, micro-voids in the structure of the hair leads to dryness and fragility.

The contract manufacturing of cosmetics offers keratin straightening products that solve these problems. The composition is applied to prepared, clean hair. During preparation, the hair scales are opened for the best penetration of the composition into the hair structure. Then, using an iron, the composition is sealed on the hair. The hair scales are smoothed and glued, fixing the effect for a long time.

Such a procedure can be performed every 4-5 months, until the keratin composition is completely washed out of the hair.

Care after keratin straightening

Hair after keratin straightening needs care. Products of keratin origin (for example, keratin hydrolyzate) — prevent hair damage and increase the shelf life of the hairstyle. Therefore, contract manufacturing of keratin hair straightening recommends using them after the procedure.

Shampoo after keratin straightening does not contain sulfates and gently cleanses the hair without washing out the composition. It is also recommended to use shampoo after keratin straightening for the first two weeks after the procedure.

Pros and cons of keratin hair straightening possible?

Cons of keratin hair straightening:

  • loss of hair volume;
  • possible allergic reactions;
  • deterioration of the condition of the hair ends 1-2 months after the procedure;
  • an increase in the fat content of the epidermis is possible.

Pros of keratin hair straightening:

  • healthy looking hair;
  • easy combing;
  • antistatic effect;
  • long-term styling effect;
  • natural shine;
  • fixing the color of dyed hair;
  • creation of a protective membrane.

Features of the composition and formulation development

Despite the healing effect of the procedure, the composition for keratin straightening is very important. The main difficulty in formulation development is the combination of safety and effective action of the agent.

For example, contract manufacturing of keratin hair straightening does not use formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is hazardous, especially in high concentrations. It is also worth paying attention to sulfate-free keratin straightening, which is less associated with sulfide bridges of natural keratin. When such a composition is washed out, the hair is less injured and does not lose elasticity.

Technologists are developing several formulations at once, because there is no universal formula that would suit all hair types. The creation of a whole line of products allows you to individually select a product. It will not ruin your hair, but will give it health and shine.

Contract manufacturing of keratin hair straightening

Private label cosmetics allows us to manufacture a set for keratin straightening. Such a product will contain everything you need for the procedure and hair care after it. This will allow you to find buyers who prefer home treatments.

Professionals create a safe and effective formulation. Contract manufacturing of cosmetics offers a wide range of packaging types. The product in the manufacturing process undergoes control at every stage. It allows you to create a high-quality hair care product.

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