Contract manufacturing of lip scrub

Contract manufacturing of lip scrub

Lip scrub is a unique mild scrub that is essential to remove flaky and dry lips. The contract manufacturing of lip scrub offers a product that is pleasant to use and gets quick results. Lip care is definitely an important part of facial care. Beautiful, moisturized and healthy lips keep you looking fresh and attractive.

However, it is very difficult to achieve this result without using a lip scrub. The contract manufacturing of cosmetics offers a wide range of lip scrubs with different properties, formulations and fragrances.

Types of lip scrub

The lips are undoubtedly a very delicate part of the human body that requires a special approach. Close contact with mucous membranes requires careful selection of scrubbing particles that should not harm health. There are different types of lip scrubs:

  • sugar lip scrub has a pleasant taste. The sugar particles melt pleasantly on the lips and do not damage them. At the same time, sugar fully provides exfoliation of hardened skin particles, and the oils in the composition create a protective nourishing peel-off;
  • honey and sugar lip scrub has good nutritional properties. Sugar acts as a scrubbing component, while honey takes care of the skin;
  • lip augmentation scrub has special properties thanks to its special ingredients. The base of the scrub can be any, its task will cope with peeling. The lip augmentation effect is achieved with the help of components that improve blood microcirculation. Such a scrub can create a slight burning effect on the lips, which causes blood flow. Private label cosmetics selects only safe ingredients that do not harm skin health;
  • lip scrub with oils quickly and easily cleanses the lips. Fatty acids of natural origin actively nourish and moisturize. Oils have a protective effect, and due to the presence of vitamins in them — antioxidant;
  • coffee scrub for lips smells good, easily exfoliates dead skin cells. This scrub is quite gentle and effective at the same time. The structure of the coffee particles contributes to gentle cleaning and quality care.

Lip scrub formulation

The contract manufacturing of lip scrub primarily selects scrubbing components. Not every scrubbing particle is suitable for this. Salt scrub is too rough and unpleasant to taste, and polyethylene is harmful if swallowed. While sugar and natural scrubbing ingredients are harmless and do an excellent job.

The base of the scrub is equally important. It should provide gentle care and nourishment for the lips for maximum effect. Honey, vegetable oils and moisturizing ingredients that promote healing and improve skin condition are used primarily.

Contract manufacturing of lip scrub

Contract manufacturing of lip scrub is engaged not only in the development of formulations, but also in their implementation. The production cycle, which consists of many stages, takes place in the shortest possible time.

Also, contract manufacturing of cosmetics offers a wide selection of containers and labels for the design of the finished product. An individual approach to each client allows us to create a high-quality and popular product.

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