Contract manufacturing of mascara

Contract manufacturing of mascara

Mascara is a make-up product that enhances the look. Mascara can perform specific tasks and come in different colors. The contract manufacturing of mascara produces different types of decorative mascaras based on the client’s request.

One of the most popular make-up products is black mascara. Black more than others emphasizes the eyes and gives it depth. It is suitable for all types of looks and hair colors. It is widely used in evening make-up.

The second most popular mascara color is brown. Brown mascara is often used in daytime makeup. It harmonizes well with light shades of hair, so blondes are most often used. Brown mascara looks natural and does not attract undue attention.

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics includes the production of mascara in almost any shade.

Types of mascara

There are several types of mascaras, each of them helps to solve its problem. The production of mascara offers us the following assortment:

  • curling mascara. These mascaras give the lashes a curve by slightly curling the ends.
  • lengthening mascara. With the help of a special brush, the eyelashes are separated and dyed along the entire length. This mascara contains microfibers. They stick to the eyelashes and pull them out. This lifts the eyelashes and creates a lengthening effect.
  • volumetric mascara. Thanks to its density and fluffy large brush, it leaves more product on the lashes. This makes them look more voluminous.

The contract manufacturing of mascara allows you to make any version of the brushes for the desired effect.

They also produce waterproof mascaras that won’t run out due to moisture or rainfall. Super waterproof mascara does not flow even when completely immersed in water or in a steam room. Removing this mascara requires a special permanent makeup product.

The private label cosmetics, taking into account fashion trends, produces a product that is in demand on the market.

Formulation of mascara

The composition of any mascara, regardless of its purpose, includes the following components:

  • water
  • resin
  • soot
  • preservatives and colorants

In addition, a quality product contains caring components. These are castor oil, beeswax, keratin, vitamins A, B and E.

The contract manufacturing of mascara creates a product that serves more than just a decorative function. It also nourishes and protects lashes from the harmful effects of the environment.

Contract manufacturing of mascara

Given the popularity of a product such as mascara, it will always be in demand in the market. In its production, not only the composition is important, but also the subject of application — a brush. It is from her that it will depend on how well the tool will perform its task.

The contract manufacturing of cosmetics takes into account all the proposals of the client and offers the most advantageous solutions. You can be sure that your product will be unique in the market.

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