Contract manufacturing of mud masks

Contract manufacturing of mud masks

Contract manufacturing of mud masks produces type of skin care product that contains therapeutic mud. Such masks are effective when applied to the skin of the face, hands, problem areas of the body.

Types of mud masks

The contract manufacturing of cosmetics covers a wide range of mud masks. Each type of product has unique properties. It depends on the type of clay and mud from which the mud mask is made.

So, for example, the color of the clay has a lot to do with the properties of the mask. Contract manufacturing of mud masks uses a variety of clays:

  • blue — whitens the skin, improves blood circulation and appearance;
  • yellow — perform a barrier function and lower the level of skin metabolic products;
  • white — gently exfoliates dead skin scales and eliminates oily sheen;
  • black — reduce rashes and accelerate the outflow of lymph;
  • green — fight acne, tighten pores and normalize the sebaceous glands, slightly tighten the skin;
  • red — improve the tone of the skin of the face, eliminate redness, rashes and manifestations of allergic reactions;
  • gray — increase the elasticity of the epidermis, nourish and moisturize;
  • pink — even out skin color, fight pigmentation, restore blood circulation.

Clays are not the only ones with a spectrum of different properties depending on their origin. In cosmetology, types of mud are distinguished:

  • peat (from marsh depths) — due to the high content of minerals, they smooth wrinkles;
  • sapropel (from blue cornfields) — contain complexes of salts that cleanse the skin and tone it;
  • volcanic (from decomposed volcanic rock) — iodine, bromine, calcium and other elements are able to cleanse the skin, tighten it;
  • sulfide-silt (marine origin) — contain vitamins, hormone-like substances, minerals that tone the skin.

Using mud masks

Contract manufacturing of mud masks seeks to increase the effectiveness of formulations. In addition to clays and muds, unique active ingredients are introduced into the mask, and give additional properties. Matcha tea masks cleanse pores, remove redness, irritation, allergies, but do not dry out skin.

A wide range of trace elements useful for the skin make mud masks effective in combating problems such as:

  • uneven complexion;
  • rashes, redness;
  • swelling;
  • weakening of skin tone;
  • age-related changes;
  • oily sheen;
  • poor circulation.

The purifying mud mask and diatomite mask gently fights flaking and cares for the skin.

Packing of mud masks

The private label cosmetics offers various forms of packaging for mud masks. They can be packed in jars, bottles, doy-packs with zip-lock fasteners, sachets and tubes.

Contract manufacturing of mud masks

An individual approach to formulation, form of release, purpose and cost of the mask is what contract manufacturing provides to each client. The introduction of active ingredients also gives the mud mask the unique properties.

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