Contract manufacturing of nail primer

Contract manufacturing of nail primer

Primer for nails in cosmetics

A primer for nails under gel polish is a kind of professional means for giving a layer of varnish on nails more durability and improving adhesion to the nail. Contract manufacturing of nail primer offers various types of this product for manicure.

Coating the nails with primer degreases them and prepares them for use. Proper preparation of the nail plate is the key to the durability of the coating. Therefore, contract manufacturing of cosmetics recommends using this product before each varnish application.

Primer for nail polish

Each type of coating requires its own specific primer. Contract manufacturing of nail primer creates various primers:

  • an acidic nail primer is used for building. It is distinguished by an increase in the adhesion of the material to the nails. The acidic primer reveals the micro-flakes of the nail, completely degreases them, which allows the material to penetrate deeper into the nail. If you use an acidic primer, for which nails? For any if extension is required. However, weakened nails can delaminate strongly from an aggressive agent;
  • acid-free primer is a universal nail primer. It does not contain acids that damage the nail plate. Instead, the primer degreases the nail platinum more gently and creates a sticky layer that holds the varnish to the surface. An acid-free primer for nails, whatever the nail plate, gently affects the nail, practically without causing harm.

Nail-masters recommends using special primers for ordinary nail polishes. The primer remover consists almost entirely of highly volatile liquids. They dry the nail plate a little for further coverage.

Primer development

The compositions of acidic and acid-free primers differ markedly from each other. The task of the chemical technologist is to achieve maximum adhesion of the material to the nail plate without harm to it.

An acidic primer always contains methacrylic acid and compounds like butyl acetate and butyl methacrylate. Such a composition completely evaporates after application and raises the scales of the nail. However, methacrylic acid can cause allergic reactions and polymers based on methacrylic acid are strong allergens prior to polymerization in the lamp. However, acidic primers are the most effective.

Acid-free primers are suitable for gel polish. In them, methacrylic acid is replaced by methacrylate compounds of various nature, ethyl acetate and complexes of the chem type (polymer complexes) and camphor compounds for plasticity and stickiness. Such a primer has less effect on the nail plate, while maintaining sufficient effectiveness.

Contract manufacturing of nail primer

Private label cosmetics offers the manufacture of quality products according to recipes developed by experienced chemical technologists. It is also possible to use the customer’s recipes.

Fast production and favorable conditions are an excellent opportunity to produce cosmetics under your own brand in terms of contract manufacturing.

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