Contract manufacturing of peeling for feet

Contract manufacturing of peeling for feet

In the continuation of the review of products intended for foot skin care, I will focus on the contract manufacturing of peeling for feet.

  • Other materials;
  • Foot gel;
  • Urea foot cream;
  • Spray for feet.

What is foot peeling

Foot peeling is a cosmetic procedure that removes the stratum corneum. Having freed itself from old cells that are no longer necessary for it, the body starts reparation processes aimed at restoring the integrity of the body. Thus, the cells of the epidermis begin a new life.

At the moment, a peeling-scrub for feet occupies a special place in the numerous army of favorite home tubes. Cleansing the skin of the feet with particles — exfoliants serves as an excellent prevention of aging. In addition, the  foot peeling-scrub, due to its special composition, is indispensable in the prevention of fungal diseases of the skin and nails.

Formulation development of peeling for feet

A huge arsenal of feet peelings, depending on the method of impact on the feet, can be divided into mechanical, chemical and biological.

So, I will focus on the chemical ones. Undoubtedly, only a precisely calculated concentration of the active substance (lactic acid, salicylic acid, fruit acids, alkali) can achieve the expected effect.

It is very important to balance the composition, to combine the pleasant, useful and necessary in one tube in the development of the formulation of the peeling for the feet. When carrying out the peeling procedure at home, you must strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions on the exposure time.

Contract manufacturing of peeling for feet

How can you find your peeling? The one necessary, which will suit your skin? The solution to this problem is сontract manufacturing of cosmetics.

Contract manufacturing of peeling for feet includes the development of a recipe depending on the problem, making a sample and providing it for testing to the customer. After agreement and approval, contract manufacturing of peeling for feet is engaged in the purchase of raw materials, containers and labels for your brand. 

Private label cosmetics has a unique modern equipment for the production, filling and packaging of finished products. Thus, the contract manufacturing of cosmetics, within the terms established by the contract, receives and provides for sale a quality product under your brand and taking into account your individual wishes.

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