Contract manufacturing of plumping lip gloss

Contract manufacturing of plumping lip gloss

What is plumping lip gloss

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics, its capabilities and new technologies, make it possible to augment lips without going to a cosmetologist. This is a plumping lip gloss or in other words a plumper. The formula of the composition allows you to independently make them bigger for a while. Convenient application to sensitive skin plus care due to vitamins and oils in the composition makes it very popular on the market. Contract manufacturing of plumping lip gloss creates a product quickly and according to the client’s preferences.

What are lip gloss

One lip plumper gloss may differ from another in the way of achieving this effect:

  • optic. Shiny micro particles support the illusion of volume. Often, such a gloss with a lip augmentation effect is pigmented — with a slight tint, so you can not apply lipstick over it.
  • moisturizing from the inside. The thin skin of the lips is filled with moisture and retained, making them look healthier, more well-groomed and plump. This is achieved, in particular, thanks to oils, hyaluronic acid, peptides, collagen, vitamin complexes, extracts from plants and herbs.
  • increased blood circulation. Such a plumper contains ingredients that irritate delicate skin, increase blood microcirculation in it. Due to this, they become full. The contract manufacturing of plumping lip gloss allows the selection of an active substance. For example, lip gloss with pepper. For the first minutes a slight burning sensation is felt, but then comfort and volume of the contour.

Developing a plumping lip gloss

During the development of the composition, the contract manufacturing of plumping lip gloss can use one or several main components at once for blood flow to them:




bee venom


Only high-quality ingredients are used as moisturizers, vitaminizing ingredients that can maximally protect and provide full care for delicate lips. A fragrant composition and saturated oils are selected. Private label cosmetics makes it possible to vary the gloss composition during formulation development. But the result is always an

  • effective
  • hypoallergenic
  • care
  • nutritious


Contract manufacturing of plumping lip gloss 

Contract manufacturing allows you to quickly create and market your own plumper. The recipe, aroma, color, packaging, design are coordinated. We carefully listen to the wishes of our clients when creating it.

Throughout the production process, strict control over technology and quality is carried out. The finished product is safe for use and meets all the declared parameters. We are also engaged in certification. This is the great benefit of contract manufacturing of cosmetics.

You just give your name, brand.

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