Contract manufacturing of pre-depilation cosmetics

Contract manufacturing of pre-depilation cosmetics

Pre-depilation remedy in cosmetics

Pre-depilation is a type of professional skin care product used during hair removal. Contract manufacturing of pre-depilation cosmetics develops products that prepare the skin for the procedure as quickly as possible. The task of such products is to degrease the skin, gently cleanse and disinfect it.

Application of pre-depilation cosmetics

The product is applied to the skin just before the hair removal procedure itself. Lightly rubbing in the anti-hair lotion helps to make the treatment more effective, fully open the pores.

Lotion functions:

  • degreasing. Comfort during such a painful procedure is very important. Well-degreased skin allows faster and better hair removal. The absence of oily sheen makes it possible not to apply wax or paste for sugaring again in the same place;
  • cleansing. After hair removal, a small pore remains on the skin through which dirt and bacteria can enter. Good cleansing of the skin will help avoid redness and inflammation;
  • disinfection. If bacteria get on clean skin, the lotion minimizes the risks of irritation.

Composition of the product before sugaring

The contract manufacturing of cosmetics produces various products before sugaring or waxing. These products can be presented as lotions and gels. The composition may include:

  • thickeners. If the private label cosmetics uses thickeners, the consumption of the product can be noticeably reduced. The gel itself will not be prone to dripping;
  • natural antibacterial additives. For example, tea tree oil, mint, menthol;
  • extracts. They serve a variety of functions in a lotion. It has a moisturizing and soothing effect, disinfecting the skin;
  • care components. Allantoin, niacinamide, vitamins and many other components keep the skin in excellent condition;
  • glycerin and more analogues. Keeps the skin hydrated and protects against irritation after the procedure.

Formulation development of the pre-depilation product

Pre-depilation products have differences, which must be taken into account by contract manufacturing of pre-depilation cosmetics. So, for sugaring, perfect degreasing is necessary for maximum adhesion of the hairs with sugar paste. Such lotions may contain components for disinfecting the skin — loosening the top layer in order to facilitate hair release.

In the case of wax depilatory products, the composition may be limited to hydrogenated castor oil and extracts.

Contract manufacturing of pre-depilation cosmetics

Developing a complete line of hair removal products is a long and difficult task. However, contract manufacturing of pre-depilation cosmetics can complete it as soon as possible. Contract manufacturing ensures that the products will be ideally matched to each other for the greatest effect.

Registration of all necessary documents, development, production and packaging is done quickly. All the wishes of the client are taken into account both in the composition and properties of the future product.

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