Contract manufacturing of regenerating foot gel

Contract manufacturing of regenerating foot gel

Regenerating foot gel

Foot skin care begins with scrubs, baths, creams. At the same time, the contract manufacturing of regenerating foot gel is quite specific. You rarely see such a remedy in a store. Its appearance on the shelves of cosmetic stores and advertising can boost its popularity. Moreover, in the circle of professional beauty salons after pedicure procedures, it is in great demand.

The skin of the legs is thick, it has a heavy load, it needs nourishment and hydration. Regenerating gel performs these functions. Its very name highlights its main task — regeneration, restoration of the integrity of the skin of the feet.

Why do you need a regenerating gel

After the pedicure procedure, the final stage is often using a regenerating foot gel. It heals all cracks, damage that could arise during manipulations. Removes the negative effects of chemicals used at certain stages and starts the regeneration process. The contract manufacturing of cosmetics produces a gel for both salon and home care.

Regenerating foot gel copes with the formation of corns, dryness has an anti-inflammatory effect. Gives the skin a feeling of comfort.

What is included

The composition of the gel implies the absence of fats and oils, unlike creams. The main component is water. Contract manufacturing of the regenerating foot gel includes as ingredients at the request of the client:

  • demineralized water
  • amino acid complex
  • hyaluronic acid
  • vitamins
  • elastane and collagen
  • urea
  • glycerol
  • allantoin
  • perfume composition

What are foot gels

Due to the fact that 80% of the gels consist of water, they are transparent, delicate and have a light consistency. Absorbs freely on the skin and gives a feeling of freshness, while also having a cooling effect.

Types of gels:

  • cooling foot gel
  • anti-varicose
  • deodorant
  • callus softening gel
  • to relieve fatigue
  • from edema
  • antifungal
  • from corns
  • moisturizing
  • nutritious

A common cooling effect tones the skin and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which is very useful for varicose veins.

Gel development

Contract manufacturing of regenerating foot gel allows the client to choose the formula of the foot gel from the proposed ones or to create his own, with the help of our chemists. Clarify the percentage of injected acids: hyaluronic, urea, etc. Stop at the preferred perfumery fragrances. It is possible to change the color from transparent to the desired color using safe dyes. The most important thing is that the result will be of high quality.

Contract manufacturing of the regenerating foot gel 

For home and professional foot care, the regenerating gel will be the right final link. And you can make it yourself using our private label cosmetics.

It remains to decide on the batch size and labeling. Product certificates will be issued after the manufacturing process. Everything is done quickly, efficiently and professionally. You just have to offer a finished product to your customers.

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