Contract manufacturing of remover

Contract manufacturing of remover

Cuticle remover in cosmetics

Cuticle remover gel is a form of cuticle remover or softener without using cutting tools. The contract manufacturing of remover manufactures products for both pedicure and manicure.

The cuticle remover is convenient to use both in professional manicure and at home. It does its job equally well and, when used correctly, does not harm the skin and nails.

Cuticle remover: types

A good cuticle remover is selected depending on the immediate purpose, on the type of manicure and pedicure. Therefore, contract manufacturing of cosmetics produces various removers:

  • acidic cuticle removers. They are the most aggressive and fastest-acting. They contain ANA acids that soften the cuticle and the skin around the nail. The pedicure cuticle remover is almost always acidic. This is necessary because the skin on the legs is coarser. However, you should carefully use such a remover so as not to damage the nail plate;
  • Alkaline cuticle remover is more gentle than acidic. Its use takes more time. However, the use of an alkaline remover in manicure is quite justified. Often, in addition to alkali, as the main active ingredient, care components can be used. It can be a cuticle remover with lanolin or natural oils;
  • oil cuticle remover does not completely remove cuticle. It is the safest option of all and is great for home manicure;
  • mineral remover, in addition to softening the cuticle, saturates it with minerals.

Remover development

The selection of the quantitative and qualitative composition is carried out by a chemical technologist. The contract manufacturing of remover is simultaneously developing different products with different compositions. Each of them is necessary for a full effect depending on the type of procedure.

The development of this type of cosmetics requires special care with the amount of active ingredients in the composition. An excessive amount of acids in the composition will certainly improve the effective properties of the remover. However, there is a risk of chemical burns and thinning of the nail plate.

An insufficient amount of acids in the composition will make the remover slow in action and insufficiently effective. Therefore, it is necessary to test such products before use. Otherwise, allergic reactions, dermatitis and irritation of sensitive skin are possible.

Contract manufacturing of a remover

Private label cosmetics is a fast and convenient way to create formulas and make cosmetics at scale. The development of cosmetics, a long and costly process, is also carried out by leading specialists at the enterprise. Also, contract manufacturing of remover carries out the manufacture of cosmetics and according to the client’s formula.

Quality control at every stage of product production is the key to successful work. An individual approach to the creation of recipes makes the final product attractive both internally and externally.

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