Contract manufacturing of scalp scrubs

Contract manufacturing of scalp scrubs

What is a scalp scrub?

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics includes contract manufacturing of scalp scrubs. Scrub for the scalp is a means for effectively cleansing the skin of dead cells. The task of the scrub is to renew the skin, fight dandruff, improve blood microcirculation. The other task is to remove excess varnish and other products. All this leads to a healthier scalp and faster hair growth.

What are scalp scrubs with?

The composition of scrubs is very important, since it is the abrasive particles that affect the exfoliation of the skin. The nourishing oil base nourishes and moisturizes the skin, but the cleansing effect is due to the abrasive. In this regard, we can highlight:

  • salt scrub for scalp — this scrub has good abrasive properties. It should be used with caution on dry and sensitive skin prone to damage. Salt scrub removes excess sebum and makes hair more attractive and strong;
  • sugar scrub for scalp — has large abrasive elements. It gently cleanses the skin. During use, the sugar base dissolves and nourishes the scalp. Scrubbing is gentle and gentle, and the remains of particles are easily washed off with water;
  • vegetable scrub — contains ground coffee particles, plant seeds, fruit fruits. Such abrasives effectively cleanse the skin and do not scratch. If you need an even more gentle cleansing, then you should use a plastic scrub.

Types of scalp scrubs

Contract manufacturing of scalp scrubs recommends to select scrub not only according to the abrasives. Active ingredients in the composition also play an important role.

Types of scrubs:

  • scalp scrub — the recipe for such a scrub is the most versatile. It is suitable for all skin types and does the job equally well;
  • scrub mask for the scalp — the base of such a product contains a large amount of oils and extracts. They moisturize and nourish the scalp, while abrasives take care of gentle cleansing. The mask is applied and left for a while, and then washed off with massaging movements. In this case, contract manufacturing of scalp scrubs guarantees the maximum efficiency of the tool;
  • scrub for oily scalp — contains drying ingredients such as clay or salt. It normalizes the work of the glands, makes the skin healthier;
  • shampoo-scrub for the scalp — very convenient to use. When you wash your hair, the scalp is not only cleansed. But also undergoes a scrubbing procedure. In addition to cleansing the skin, it copes with its care, tone and hydration;
  • cleansing scrub for the scalp — such scrubs gently cleanse and care due to the active emollient components. For example, sea buckthorn scalp scrub saturates hair with vitamins B, E and C. Copes with hydration and nutrition.

Development of scalp scrubs

Each scrub has a set of unique properties. Technologists take into account the characteristics and compositions of the components. It is important to choose a scrub according to the type of scalp. Only a properly selected scrub will improve the condition of the skin and hair, and at the same time will not harm. All these features are taken into account during development.

In the process of developing the formulation, both the oil active base of the product and the composition and type of abrasive, as the main scrubbing element, are selected.

Contract manufacturing of scrubs

Private label cosmetics is an excellent opportunity to create a new, in-demand product. Also, our contract manufacturing of cosmetics produces all types of scrubs designed not only for the scalp, but also for the body and face.

An individual approach to the creation of recipes and packaging makes the product diverse not only in content, but also in design.

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