Contract manufacturing of spot products

Contract manufacturing of spot products

Spot products in cosmetics

A spot product is a specialized cosmetic product designed to combat negative skin manifestations of local use. The contract manufacturing of spot products distinguishes them from cosmetics for problem skin and common cosmetics. Concentrated formulations require strictly topical application to actively affect specific areas of the skin. Using these products all over the skin can only harm healthy areas.

 It is the rich composition of point products that helps to solve serious skin problems, which distinguishes them from other cosmetics. Ease and speed of absorption, active action, natural formulations — all this is about spot products.

Types of spot products

An effective acne spot treatment is tailored to your skin type. Private label cosmetics produces various types of such products:

  • a fast-acting spot remedy offers an immediate effect. For example, with the help of such a product, you can quickly dry acne or get rid of redness and inflammation of the skin right before going out;
  • a spot remedy for acne contains components that actively affect the skin and eliminate the manifestation of acne;
  • an acne spot remedy is most often applied to the nose. Its task is to remove dark spots and prevent their further reappearance.

It is worth remembering that a point-action acne remedy cannot solve skin problems associated with hormonal disorders or metabolic disorders. However, to improve the condition of the skin and put it in order by virtue of a quality product.

Formulation development and selection of components

The contract manufacturing of cosmetics carefully develops the formulations of spot products. It is important to create not just concentrated effective cosmetics, but one that does not harm the skin and does not cause additional problems. The contract manufacturing of spot products uses only high-quality components, including:

  • essential oils. They have bactericidal properties, help dry the skin and fight acne;
  • salicylic acid. Gently and gently dries the skin, but does not cause general dryness of the skin. Very effective in fighting acne;
  • panthenol and vitamin E. Nourish and moisturize over-dried skin, promote its rapid recovery;
  • organic acids. Helps to whiten skin and exfoliate dead particles. Acids also help to cope with rashes;
  • menthol. Cools the skin and relieves inflammation;
  • plant extracts. Soothes the skin, removes the effects of acne, mattifies and has a whole range of other useful properties;
  • other components.

Contract manufacturing of spot products

The contract manufacturing of spot products cooperates with customers throughout the entire cosmetics production cycle. Starting from the development of recipes and discussion of the desired components and aromas, ending with the choice of packaging design and control of finished products.

A team of qualified personnel in the shortest possible time to develop and produce cosmetics.

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