Contract manufacturing of sugaring paste

Contract manufacturing of sugaring paste

Sugaring paste in cosmetics

Sugar paste for sugaring is a type of professional body hair removal products. The contract manufacturing of sugaring paste devotes a lot of time to studying the properties of the paste and its cooking modes. Despite the short composition of only 3-4 components, the paste has a number of features.

Sugaring paste: types

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics has a range of different pastes. The main difference between all sugaring pastes is their density.

Densities of sugaring pastes:

  • dense. These are the toughest pastes that are designed to remove coarse, coarse and thick hairs. Such a paste requires more skill in work;
  • average. These pastes are designed for lower room temperatures. This is the optimal paste, which, however, can lose its properties in a humid and warm room;
  • soft. Soft sugaring paste works wonderfully with vellus hair. Due to their fluidity, they are relevant in cooler seasons.

The difference between sugaring paste and wax

The contract manufacturing of sugaring paste recommends exactly sugar pastes, since the temperature regime is not milder. It would seem that heating wax to 40 ° C and sugar paste to 37 ° C is insignificant. It is worth remembering that a difference of 3 degrees allows to use sugaring for varicose veins and some skin imperfections. For example, with small hematomas.

Also, sugar paste for depilation requires a more thorough preparation of the skin.

Formulation development for sugaring paste

The recipe for a classic paste is low-component and includes only fructose, glucose, water and citric acid. Sometimes dyes and active substances are added to it, but they do not affect the main property of the paste. Namely density.

Density is the most difficult technological challenge when making sugar pastes.

When making dense pastes, compliance with the regime is especially important. There is a risk of sharp boiling of the paste and its rapid sugaring. The introduction of thermolabile components is difficult due to the pour point of the paste itself.

Precise temperature sensors and experimental selection of cooking parameters are a guarantee of high-quality paste. It will retain its properties for a long time.

Contract manufacturing of sugaring paste

Paste for sugaring is a sought-after product for hair removal. Precise sensors and product manufacturing practices guarantee the quality of the paste. Contract manufacturing of sugaring paste is the easiest way to launch a line of cosmetics dedicated to hair removal.

The private label cosmetics in the shortest possible time produces sugar paste. Paste can undergo a density control, which can fully guarantee the properties of the paste.

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