Contract manufacturing of tints

Contract manufacturing of tints

What is tint?

Korean beauties never cease to amaze with their secrets. Tints have come to us. This exclusive product is produced by contract manufacturing of cosmetics. Tint is a product for coloring lips, cheeks and eyebrows. The tint contains a coloring pigment, a pigment carrier, caring ingredients and a preservative. Contract manufacturing of tints is just entering the decorative cosmetics market.

Types of tints

The most popular in the tint family is the lip tint. Currently, oil or water is used as a carrier of the pigment. A tint lipstick can look like a liquid lipstick, a peel-off, or an oil-based lipstick.

Eyebrow tint has become popular because it saves daily makeup time. At home, a tint gel for eyebrows is applied to the eyebrows and the result of staining is expected for an hour. Contract manufacturing of tints produces this product in the form of a peel-off. Conveniently, you can accurately apply the color strip along the hair growth and wait until it dries. The pigment is gradually absorbed into the skin.

The cheek tint is similar in consistency to jelly. Most often presented in pink. Eye tints look like a felt-tip pen. The felt tip allows you to draw a line of various thicknesses.

Tint composition

The quality of the tint directly depends on the quality of the pigment. Tint balm may contain shea butter and vitamins. Tint oil is produced on the basis of liquid oils — avocado, peach, grape seed, almond. Contract manufacturing of tints offers various composition options.

According to the effect of using lipstick, tint can be matte or glossy. Matte tint is most often water-based. It is easier to remove from the skin. At the same time, it can dry out the skin of the lips and reveal its imperfections. The private label cosmetics offer to produce various lip scrubs.

The gloss of the tint stays on the lips for a long time and does not leave marks on clothes and dishes. Tint may contain plant extracts, moisturizing additives and sunscreens as an active additive.

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics begins with a discussion of the product you want to receive. Also, our contract manufacturing can provide for consideration both ready-made proposals and develop a recipe from scratch. Of course, formulation development is a longer process. At the same time, contract manufacturing will release an exclusive product for you. Then the options for packing, packaging, terms of execution and payment are discussed.

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