Contract manufacturing of tissue masks

Contract manufacturing of tissue face masks

Tissue masks are a type of skin care product that is impregnated with a dense base. The contract manufacturing of tissue masks produces masks consisting of:

  • biocellulose — a thin material with absorbent properties;
  • microfiber — a material with a strong adhesion to skin;
  • hydrogel is a melting material that releases its assets gradually;
  • cotton — a natural analogue of microfiber;
  • natural cellulose — a dense, non-slip material.

Benefits of tissue masks

The tissue face mask has several advantages over other products. Among them, contract manufacturing of cosmetics can highlight:

  • an instant effect after one application — the mask fits snugly to the face and does not allow the active components to evaporate;
  • high hygiene — such masks are disposable and individually packaged;
  • wide action potential — depending on the complex of active ingredients, such masks can fight redness and inflammation;
  • contain active ingredients — this makes it possible to get the maximum effect from the mask.

It is thanks to these features that the contract manufacturing of tissue masks recommends the use of tissue masks for care.

Tissue masks in cosmetics

Using face masks is a whole ritual that takes time and skill. The modern rhythm of life often leaves no time for such long procedures.

The solution to this problem is offered by contract manufacturing of tissue face masks. It is enough just to apply a cloth mask to your face. In addition, tissue face masks are a versatile product that can be used at any time of the day.

Comparison of face masks

Each mask has a set of unique properties:

  • tissue masks are effective in express care, the easiest to use;
  • gel masks quickly tone the skin of the face;
  • mud masks actively nourish the skin;
  • clay masks gently exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin;
  • creamy masks easily moisturize.

Private label cosmetics produces all types of masks. They solve problems with the skin of many girls. A properly selected type of mask is a guarantee of a long and lasting effect from use.

Contract manufacturing of tissue masks

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics allows face masks to be manufactured in such a way that they have maximum effectiveness. Professional formulation allows you to get exactly the product that will be in the greatest demand.

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