Contract manufacturing of toothpaste

Contract manufacturing of toothpaste

Toothpaste in cosmetics

A tube of toothpaste is a tool that each of us uses every day. Therefore, contract manufacturing of toothpaste primarily works out the composition of the toothpaste, because dental health depends on it.

Types of toothpaste

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics produces various types of toothpaste:

  • Toothpaste and gum toothpaste often perform the same function and are applied throughout the mouth. They can also cleanse the tongue. Such a paste is the most common and suitable for daily use;
  • baby toothpaste has a softer texture. The toothpaste for children does not contain harmful and highly abrasive components. It is completely safe, even if the child swallows some of it while brushing the teeth;
  • white toothpaste perfectly cleans teeth. Black toothpaste contains charcoal powder, which additionally polishes the enamel surface and cleans it well, despite its unusual color;
  • fluoride toothpaste, of course, does not contain pure fluoride. The contract manufacturing of toothpaste uses active fluoride compounds that quickly act on tooth enamel. For example, Lacalute toothpaste contains a large number of such components;
  • whitening toothpaste is recommended for limited use. Such a product contains aggressive components that whiten teeth. It is worth remembering, however, that toothpaste whitens the tone to some limited extent and is suitable for temporary lightening of a smile.

What substances are used to make toothpaste?

The main substances for the production of toothpaste:

  • abrasives. They make up 20-40% of the total paste composition. It is best to use several types of abrasives: chalk, aluminum hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate, calcium pyrophosphate, etc.;
  • humectants prevent the paste from drying out and help squeeze it out. For example, glycerin. It can be up to 20% in the composition;
  • binding components. Their role is played by thickeners. They are added in an amount of up to 5%;
  • Surfactants help the abrasives glide and form a light foam. However, their input is limited to 1-2%, since the paste can get inside;
  • preservatives. They must be green and safe even when ingested;
  • preventive components. For example fluoride compounds, antiseptics, extracts, hydroxyapatite, enzymes, vitamins. They all improve the properties of toothpaste;
  • flavoring additives. Brushing your teeth should be not only useful, but also pleasant;
  • water. Water contains up to 20%.

Toothpaste development

Toothpaste development is just as important as cosmetic development. Only a competent selection of components and their dosages can make the paste effective enough. Contract manufacturing of toothpaste requires the most harmless «green» composition due to the possibility of getting it inside.

Contract manufacturing of toothpaste

Private label cosmetics is the production of the most popular cosmetic product. Toothpaste production, technology, formulations — all this is provided by contract manufacturing of cosmetics. Moreover, from the moment of developing an individual recipe to the delivery of a finished batch, a minimum period passes.

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