Contract manufacturing of ubtan

Contract manufacturing of ubtan

Ubtan in cosmetics

Ubtan for skin is a unique skin, hair and body care product. At the same time, ubtan is completely natural. The contract manufacturing of ubtan recommends such a product as it entirely consists of only natural ingredients. For example, dried plants, clay, extracts, powdered milk, or freeze-dried fruits.

Almost everyone can use ubtan, because it does not contain preservatives or dyes. It is only important to select the correct composition of the product so that the effect of the application fully meets the expectations.

What types of ubtan are found?

The contract manufacturing of cosmetics using ubtan in daily care. It is not at all necessary to use the same formula. There are many types of product:

  • ubtan for the face. This ubtan can be in various forms. Skin ubtan and ubtan-masks contains a large amount of clay, which helps against acne, mattes and soothes the skin. Herbal powders moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. Such ubtan can also be used for washing;
  • scrub ubtan. Especially effective after water treatments. It contains natural scrubbing ingredients such as almond or apricot chips, white clay, which cope with peeling and renew the skin;
  • ubtan for hair. Can be used in combination with shampoos or balms. It cleanses and restores the hair structure well.

In turn, the contract production of cosmetics divide ubtan for the skin. This is important as there are different types of skin:

  • ubtan for oily skin dries the skin a little. Powder of nettle, oats, white and green clay, finely ground coffee do well with this. Cleansing ingredients will also help. Elecampane, equisetum, violet have a light foaming effect;
  • ubtan for problem skin contains anti-acne ingredients. It is worth adding clay, mint, chamomile, marigolds, a little salicylic acid there;
  • ubtan for dry skin has a strong moisturizing effect. Powders of cornflower, lavender, kelp, linden cope with this. It is preferable to breed such ubtans with hydrolates rather than water.

How to use ubtan?

The use of one kind of ubtan may be different. The contract manufacturing of ubtan offers to use this product simultaneously for face, hair and body care.

Before using ubtan, it must be mixed with water, saline or hydrolate. The mask is applied for no more than 15 minutes. Washable products are removed immediately.

Ubtan: composition

Formulation development requires knowledge of the characteristics of the components and their disadvantages. So, for example, natural ingredients like elecampane, equisetum and violets cannot provide a full-fledged foaming effect, as in shampoos with surfactants.

Some ingredients such as essential oils, plant extracts, and finely ground plant roots can cause allergies. Therefore, the composition of ubtan should be studied prior to its use.

Contract manufacturing of ubtan

The contract manufacturing of ubtan offers a completely natural product that many girls love. Experienced specialists offer the development of a wide variety of ubtan formulations that help solve many skin problems.

The production cycle is carried out in the shortest possible time. Private label cosmetics includes both the development of recipes and production, as well as the preparation of all the necessary documents.

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Rajarshi Biswasa. Evaluation of Ubtan – A traditional indian skin care formulation