Contract manufacturing of urea keratolytic

Contract manufacturing of urea keratolytic

Urea keratolytics are an external agent for softening, dissolving and rejecting the stratum corneum of the epidermis. In cosmetology, they are used to remove warts, corns, hyperpigmentation and other procedures. The contract manufacturing of urea keratolytic helps to solve dermatological problems in a cosmetic way.

Keratolytics stimulate the exfoliation of dead cells from the surface of the epithelium. This is due to the destruction of the bond between dead and living tissues, which leads to a softening of the epidermis of the skin.

The use of urea keratolytics is widespread. For cosmetic purposes, it is used in the process of pedicure and manicure procedures. The urea keratolytic moisturizing is especially popular in the beauty parlor. It effectively softens calluses and rough skin areas, which are then removed by a master. The contract manufacturing of carbamide keratolytic produces products for beauty salons.

Composition of urea keratolytics

Urea keratolytic formulation uses urea as its main active ingredient. Depending on its concentration, keratolytics have different purposes:

3-10% of urea in the composition works as a natural moisturizer

10-15% of urea is used in salon treatments

15-20% for the correction of severe keratoses of the feet

20-40% is used by a professional for medical purposes

The contract manufacturing of urea keratolytic creates products for a wide range of applications.

Contract manufacturing

Keratolytics are available in the form of a spray, foam or gel — this does not affect the quality of the product. According to the concentration, urea keratolytics are selected depending on the complexity of the task.

When ordering a contract manufacturing of cosmetics, you yourself determine the optimal composition of the product.

You can use already developed and tested formulas, or suggest your own. All products are tested for safety. Thus, you get a safe cosmetic product at the end. The product that fully meets your requirements

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