Contract manufacturing of washing gel

Contract manufacturing of washing gel

The skin serves as a natural barrier that takes over protection from dust and dirt. Every morning and every evening, the skin needs to be cleansed. A daily cleanser is a wash gel. This product is popular for different age groups. Our contract manufacturing of washing gel has developed formulations of a popular product.

What is a washing gel 

Washing gel is a cosmetic product that is very economical to use. Its texture is dense. When water is added to the dispensed amount of gel, it turns into foam. For ease of use, a foaming diffuser is used.

 The gel-foam for washing will delight people with sensitive skin. This product gently cleanses and gently moisturizes the skin. Cosmetics contract manufacturing has various types of packaging for the production of cosmetics.

Micellar cleansing gel is a novelty on the market. It contains micelles that collect sebum on itself. The combination of the advantages of micellar water and gel will be appreciated by owners of mixed skin types. This product gently cleanses and gently moisturizes the skin. Contract manufacturing of cosmetics can develop different types of cosmetics for washing.

What is included in the washing gel 

Washing gel for oily skin often contains salicylic acid and zinc. This combination opens pores and deeply cleanses them. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and healing effects. Our contract manufacturing of washing gel offers the use of tea tree oil as an active ingredient.

Acid wash gel is used in anti-aging care. Fruit acids soften dry skin, gently exfoliate, restore and help maintain moisture. Ceramides will help maintain skin tone.

Washing gel for sensitive skin contains plant extracts. Rose, jasmine, aloe and grapes support the natural protective barrier. Facial cleansing gel for dry skin often contains dexpanthenol, niacinamide, vitamin C. Private label cosmetics has various raw materials available for use as active ingredients. The composition and quantity depends on the developed recipe.

Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing of washing gel can be carried out both for different age categories and in different price niches. In addition, it is ready to offer solutions for packaging, labeling and packaging products. The contract manufacturing of cosmetics has production facilities for the production of washing gel.

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