Contract manufacturing of cosmetics


What is contract manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics is the production of exclusive cosmetics at our factory. We often refer to cosmetics production as OEM or White Label aka Private Label manufacturing. In fact, White Label or OEM is somewhat different. With this type of order, you get the same product as dozens of other customers like you. The only difference is that each customer will only have different labels, but the product will be the same.

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics gives you confidence that your product will differ in composition, price, packaging and you will receive unique cosmetics.

What is contract manufacturing in cosmetics?

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics is the production of original cosmetics under the customer’s trademark at our enterprise.

Production is carried out according to formulations developed and/or adapted to the needs of the customer. Each such recipe is unique and can be used to produce only one product — your product. Such contract manufacturing is called Private Label.

The second option for contract manufacturing is considered to be OEM or White Label. With this option of contract manufacturing, the customer selects a product from a database of ready-made  and tested recipes. With this type of work, you get the same product as many of our other clients. The only difference is the label and, in some cases, the packaging.

Why contract manufacturing is beneficial?

Here are some reasons to order private label cosmetic:

  • It can be your main source of income;
  • Contract manufacturing will reduce marketing and logistics costs;
  • Your own label can increase your reputation;
  • Private label cosmetics will help you to find “blue oceans” in your industry;
  • Branded cosmetics will increase the average customer check and increase the loyalty of the consumer return rate,
  • Your own brand gives new emotions and vivid impressions, helps you realize your creative potential.
Contract manufacturing of cosmetics

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics is beneficial to you if you are:

  • trade network of any size and specialization;
  • distribution or trading company;
  • direct sales company;
  • brand owner in any field;
  • the owner of a unique development in the field of beauty and health;
  • training cosmetology center;
  • beauty salon or spa;
  • HoReCa object;
  • travel company;
  • shipping company;
  • event agency;
  • media personality;
  • an ambitious person.

Examples of products of contract manufacturing of cosmetics

Our company is a multifunctional platform for the implementation of any beauty ideas. We love elegant solutions. We can offer:

  • contract manufacturing of cream. By cream we mean any emulsion cosmetics (the so-called white cosmetics). This group includes face, body, hand creams. This also includes masks and hair balms. Creams include products such as milk, fluid, emulsion and others.
  • contract manufacturing of gels. The gel group can be divided into detergents and care gels. Detergents include shower gels, cleansers, liquid soaps. Care gels are a group of active skin care products. In addition they include toners, essences and serums.
  • contract manufacturing of shampoo. All the variety of types of shampoos we produce can be divided into categories according to a number of characteristics. By composition they are sulfate and sulfate-free. By scope — professional and home care. By properties — for deep cleansing, moisturizing, nourishing, restoring and others. According to the type of hair for which they are intended — for colored, straight, dry hair and others.
  • contract manufacturing of oil and oil-based products. The latest developments have presented the market with oil products that are unique in their properties. These are hydrophilic oils, whipped butters, oil-based scrubs, lip balms, and others. We have mastered the technologies of production and filling of such products.
  • contract manufacturing of shugaring products. The oldest procedure in cosmetology is now on a peak of its popularity. Sugaring is a hair removal with sugar paste of varying density from soft to very dense. The assortment for sugaring consists of paste, as well as talcum powder, cleansing lotions, soothing creams and other products.
    contract manufacturing of masks. Masks can be divided by purpose — for face, skin around the eyes, hair, body and others. By properties — cleansing, soothing, moisturizing, lifting and others. According to the composition — peel off, clay, alginate, fabric-based masks, patches and others

Startup and production stages

Private label cosmetics, including contract manufacturing of natural cosmetics, starts with an idea. The idea forms the basis of the technical specifications for development. Formulation development goes through the stages of composition approval, sample making, sample testing, aroma and appearance selection. To obtain a guaranteed quality product throughout the entire shelf life, the sample undergoes accelerated aging. Upon completion of the accelerated aging stage, the product is ready for wholesale production.

Wholesale production starts with the selection of packaging and label design. Then we make a wholesale batch of products and take samples. The next stage is the certification of cosmetics. Selected samples are sent to accredited laboratories for testing. Based on the test report, we receive declarations of conformity or registration certificates. These documents open up the EAEC market for our clients; upon additional request, notification for the EU market is carried out.

Our clients receive ready-to-sell cosmetics.

Batch sizes — for whom, in what cases, which are beneficial?

We work with batches of different sizes.

Small batch contract manufacturing is suit for you if:

  • the price segment of your products is above average;
  • you are introducing a new product to the market and want to test demand;
  • your product is packaged in containers ranging from 1 to 30 ml;
  • the product belongs to the limited collection;
  • the product is intended for corporate gifts;
  • you intend to frequently update your product line.

Contract manufacturing in large quantities is more profitable in the case of:

  • there is a steady demand for your product;
  • you are releasing a product in the economy or medium price segment;
  • your product has a packaging from 250 ml to 5 liters;
  • the product is intended for sale in large retail chains.
  • We will always offer you lots of various sizes in accordance with your technical specifications and product purpose.

How much does contract manufacturing of cosmetics cost?

Write to us and we will tell you how much it costs

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