Development of a cosmetics formulation

Own production and the presence of developers, chemists and technologists are expensive. Therefore, formulating cosmetics often becomes an expensive task with a waste of time and money. Moreover, if you want to create a completely unique formula, we will organize the necessary research on the raw material base of the market in accordance with the type of desired product. In the «Rekish Cosmetics» production company  we develop cosmetics formulas for further production at our facilities or in third-party manufacturing companies.

Our company employs chemists-developers with more than 5 years of experience in the development of cosmetic products. This allows us to produce high-quality and effective cosmetics with an optimal injection of active ingredients and a good, visible result. We follow trends in the cosmetics market, analyze changes and can predict trends in the beauty segment.

development of a cosmetics formulation
Examples of developing cosmetics formulations

Recipe development experience

  • Lotions, tonics, mist, toners, micellar water
  • Washing gels, liquid soaps
  • Wraps
  • Treatment and massage oils
  • Intimate hygiene products
  • Deodorants
  • Shampoos, including sulfate-free
  • Masks, balms, conditioners
  • Scrubs and cleansers for scalp
  • Leave-in products
  • Styling mousses and gels
  • Depilatory paste
  • Pre-depilation products
  • After depilation products
  • Home care products
  • Talc and powders
  • Ingrown hair remedies
  • Children’s cosmetics
  • Products for tattoo parlors
  • Products for manicurists
  • Products for the lash industry
  • Lotions and gels antiseptics

Development quality

We are confident in the quality and effectiveness of our cosmetics, as well as in the quality and effectiveness of the active ingredients that we choose. We always know where you can buy high-quality and inexpensive raw materials for your product.

The development of a cosmetics formulation is confidence in the product, the success of laboratory tests, adaptation to production of varying degrees of manufacturability and is meaningful from a marketing point of view.

Shower gel production process in the laboratory

To order the development of a cosmetics formulation

You can order samples of cosmetics already released by us as examples of our work, or you can order the development of a unique cosmetic formula especially for you. Based on the client’s technical specifications for the development of cosmetics, we can use finished products as a starting point for the development of cosmetics or develop a formula from scratch.

We can develop a cosmetic product analogous to the one on the market, analyze the original product, eliminate its shortcomings and make competitive adjustments, as well as test and certify the resulting cosmetic product.

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