We develop cosmetics

We develop cosmetics

We manufacture cosmetics

We manufacture cosmetics

Who are we

We have been engaged in contract manufacturing of cosmetics since 2014. Over 6 years of experience, we managed to learn everything about the manufacture of cosmetics and hone the production process as much as possible to guarantee you uninterrupted production at a high level.


Produce more than 13,000 kg of products per day


Develop almost any skin care cosmetics


9 types of cosmetics packaging


Make both a large and a small batch of cosmetics

What is contract manufacturing?

Private label cosmetics in «REKISH COSMETICS» is a production of cosmetics under your brand in our factory. It can be either unique cosmetics according to an exclusive recipe, or one of the ready-made variants.

Products may differ in composition, packaging and name — as you wish.

Who will benefit from private label cosmetics?

It can be beauty salons, chain of stores, online stores, hypermarkets, distributors and many others who order cosmetics wholesale. You can increase your profits with contract manufacturing.

This option is often more profitable than wholesale purchases, and requires much less investment than your own factory. What profit can you expect? The average retail markup of our customers is 200-800%.

Also, contract manufacturing is relevant for wholesale cosmetic companies, fitness centers and spa salons, hotels and sanatoriums, pharmacies and drogerie chains.

The presence of exclusive branded cosmetics increases the average purchase price.



Production experience - 6 years


More than 2000 formulations developed


10 years - the average experience of our chemists and developers

Do you want to have exclusive cosmetics in your product line? Our technologists will develop a unique recipe for you from the beginning to the end.

Are you thinking about how to conduct tests and obtain a declaration of conformity? Relax, we take care of that too.

Are you wondering where to find ingredients and containers at a bargain price? «REKISH COSMETICS» works with the largest suppliers in this area, so we independently purchase everything you need at the best cost.

Are you thinking how to arrange transportation? We will help you with logistics around Belarus and all over the world.

We work in White Label (OEM) and Private Label (ODM) formats and produce cosmetics of any class — from mass market to premium segment.

We also decided to abandon the production of our own cosmetics in order to avoid competition with our customers.

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